Why do we need wedding festivals?

Last Friday I went to Bridal Affairs in your favorite Admiral Club. He became even more beautiful, greener, more svadebnie. In a white tent now coolers, the pillar before him zadekorirovany to white (although let it wild grapes would be the best solution, in my opinion), and as an option, offer wedding photo session with horses. The horses are beautifully braided mane and the photos are very stylish. But I want to tell you about it.

When I returned to the Parking lot, on one of the banners noticed advertising: the First international Festival wedding traditions of the peoples of the world “Tree Sort”, 15 June 2013, Admiral Club. Wow! The application for a large scale wedding event. My girlfriend once said that she saw an ad for this festival, but I still couldn’t get around to googling about it on the Internet. I confess, corrected and tell you.

The official website says that it is “cultural and social project, the main objectives of which — the revival of forgotten folk traditions and rituals, ethnic characteristics and spiritual culture of the different Nations, to involve the younger generation to traditional culture, enhancing the audience’s respect for the institution of the family”. Description pretty pathetic and serious. Actually the guests of the festival will be expected exhibition-fair of products of national creativity, wedding apparel, merchandise, workshops on wedding attributes and wedding cakes. Will be demonstrated in the marriage ceremonies of different Nations of the world: Japanese, African, Korean, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Arabic, etc. And will end all this action with a gala concert with the fashion industry from Oksana Polonez, show-ballet LolliPops and the school of Oriental dance “Amir Abdi”, a performance by the singer Illaria. And will be presented the project “Map of Ukraine”, where everyone will be able to embroider part of the design on a large canvas with the image of the map of our country.

Such an event would be more appropriate to have in Pirogovo, not on the territory of an expensive country complex, but for regular customers of the club it will be an interesting experience to plunge into Ukrainian wedding traditions and raise their cultural level. I June 15 will be in Odessa at the bachelorette party, so come and see me fail, so I invite to you go there, and then to tell me. Even though the “family Tree”, the Admiral Club is a great place to stay. Far away a little, but it’s worth it: beautiful scenery, pool and lake views, delicious cuisine and plenty of entertainment for children.

Now lyrics from let’s get to the analysis of this event. And the most important question to ask yourself is “Why?”. Why perform such a festival? For whom is it useful? I’m always all wedding events, if the festival is to identify, consider from the point of view of the bride and from the point of view of contractors.

Such festivals happen periodically on the expanses of our country. Just a month ago, may 10-12 in Kamenetz-Podolsk, in the territory of the Old fortress, the festival of the “Wesley fortress – 2013 “. Every day at the festival was a separate program. The main event of the first day was “Parade of brides”, 36 where the girls paraded around the city in wedding dresses. The results of the voting (online and at the festival) chose the “Best bride Ukraine” and two honorable place. The winner received a trip to Paris, the second place – a trip to Prague, and the third a certificate for jewelry.

General theme with parades brides are very popular in Ukraine. In may, their “Parade of Brides” held in Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Yalta, Simferopol, Nikolaev, Donetsk, Krivoy Rog and Amount. In the Western regions spend “Paradis, narechenih” in the summer of Uzhgorod, Rivne, Lutsk and other cities. Only in Kiev this initiative for some reason never caught on. “Parade of Brides” is a big city event promoting values such as the traditional family, marriage, marriage and motherhood. The girl who was the bride can wear her wedding dress and show off in it in procession through the main streets of the city. Girls give attention, gifts and prizes, often any themed event. Every city has its own characteristics of. In “the Odessa Parade of Brides “, for example, the best a bride can’t choose. All 50 brides are equal in their beauty, because every girl is unique in their own way. Girls are photographed, ride in limousines and again experience the euphoria of the wedding day. One of my friend from Odessa took part in it and got the most positive emotions and very beautiful pictures. Back in Kamenetz.

On the second day in the Old fortress showed Ukrainian wedding ritual: Hutsul, Podolia and Bukovina. Heroes Podolsk wedding were the real bride and groom, who both participated in the show “4 weddings” on channel 1+1, which in those days was filmed at the fortress. A report about the second day of the festival was filmed by the TV channel inter and weddings placements can be found here. Finished the day show-bartending competition and a fire show.

But the most interesting day was the last day of the festival. On special stands were described marriage tradition of the seven peoples who at various times lived in the city. The fortress was a real Indian wedding – was fully restored marriage ceremony of Krishna. Further showed the Indian wedding tradition of the Indian tribes of North America. Well, the festival ended with a performance of a famous illusionist.

Guests and tourists, this festival has attracted many. Now let’s think about how such events are useful for real brides? No doubt, look at the girls in wedding dresses can be infinitely long, as on fire, and even longer to discuss the suitability of the chosen outfit for the girl and how he is generally handsome. Such love little girls dreaming of a wedding with the Prince. They are fascinated by watching each bride, imagining myself in her place. The habit of this remains and when the girl grows into a woman, and stored until their wedding. But it’s more like entertainment than a real choice of her wedding gown. And shows that designers spend at these festivals may work for your brand, and far-reaching.

Screening of the wedding customs of different countries, wedding dresses of different Nations and interesting wedding traditions business simple and entertaining. In its structure and ideas of all of these wedding festivals designed to entertain and cultivate guests, to give them an aesthetic pleasure to convey the values of family and marriage. Draw something sensible to organize your wedding there is unlikely, except to pick up an interesting folk group for the rite of the bride. Accordingly wedding and contractors for such events are not represented, because it is not a wedding show, and the big town fair. Even for those photographers parade of brides may work as a PR myself in a professional environment, but not for contacts with future customers. In short, all these wedding festivals — just vivid entertainment, where you can come with family or friends, to see, to relax and immerse yourself in a wedding atmosphere, but the real benefits for wedding business, and as for brides, I don’t see it.

But to become a bride at a wedding festival can be easily. In Kamenetz-Podolsk in the days of the festival on the main stage was made two offers of marriage. In Odessa, the young man made his girlfriend confession in the range from 50 brides in the midst of the Parade. So if you are going for such an event – be prepared for anything, maybe you’ll get lucky this time.

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