What is international holidays?

In all ages from the dawn of history, people would arrange their fun on various significant occasions in life. With time, some holidays have become a regular and celebrated on a specific date. The course of history has led us to the fact that people are constantly communicate with each other, and the result of the interpenetration of cultures, the number of holidays has become an accepted, even more, has gained international status, somewhere actually, but somewhere legally.

To its classification international holidays come in various types: personal, family, professional, religious. Based their feature, which increases their value in the modern world is that they bring people together, whether it be holidays, religious or secular.

As an example of international religious Christian holidays can lead to Easter, Christmas.

An example of a secular international holidays are widely known to us holidays: New year’s day, First of may, the Eighth of March (although the holiday was called “international”, but curiously only know him in the former UssR), and even less known holidays: international children’s day, world day of tourist.

What unites people in such celebrations?

Well, let’s say, in the New Year. It is the expectation of a miracle. Smells like a Christmas tree, tangerine, twinkle lights. Green forest beauty was brought into the house, and it’s worth it, exuding the scent of pine needles, fir resin, frosty freshness. Standing, waiting for her dressed in a luxurious Christmas outfit, flashes her multicoloured lights, will twinkle with silver and gold balls and other Christmas decorations, make Christmas sparkle tinsel. Will take its place under the tree Christmas gifts and all: adults and children, believing in Santa Claus and snow maiden, and adults in these fabulous characters do not believe, but believe that New year will come and their lives will change for the better.

After a whirlwind of holiday fun with dancing and champagne quietly enters our home, the Orthodox Christmas, which is one of the main holidays of Orthodox Christians worldwide. Christmas service in the Church, the smell of incense and wax that broke out in the sky a bright star that heralds the birth of the divine child – the Messiah. Joy and peace fills the hearts of Orthodox Christians around the world the consciousness of the fact that he came into the world the Son of God, revealing his little heart toward people. But two weeks earlier the same feelings are experienced by Catholic Christians. This joy brings together and unites people.

Valentine’s day unites all lovers all over the world. Lovers write congratulations and declarations of love, poems and wishes. Ever this holiday will not become obsolete, as never outgrown the love. While living love will be alive and this holiday, bringing together lovers of all times and peoples, honoring the Martyr Valentine and instilling in the hearts of lovers kindness and faithfulness.

On international women’s day March 8 common unifying factor becomes the beginning of spring, the awakening of nature from winter hibernation and awakening of male attention all women from young to old. At least once a year men try to show their attention to women, buying in shops bouquets, paying attention not only to the family and friends of women, but also co-workers, teachers, your boss and neighbors.

But after the 8th of March is sweeping the planet Mayday. First of May is a celebration of international solidarity of workers, as it was originally designed. Gradually the political coloration of the holiday was changed to a celebration of just spring, warm really of days, the first picnic area. In festive columns people walk through the city streets, in unison, to rejoice the spring, and world peace.

Victory day can also be considered an international holiday. In this day grateful mankind bows head in memory of the fallen in the fight against the “fascist plague”. All saved the world thanks to the Soviet soldiers carried their lives for the sake of life on earth.

To the first day of summer – the beginning of the summer holidays timed another international celebration of Children’s Day. On this day, rallies, rallies, charity concerts dedicated to the fight against various childhood diseases. Fees charity concerts go to foundations that help children in need all over the world. Somewhere in Africa drought and famine, somewhere rampant infectious disease, and in every corner of the Earth there are children with cancer who need help. And all the caring people help us. As a result of on this day of the shares and fees, the international community can be saved from imminent death of sick children. Compassion and love for children brings together compassionate people and strengthens friendship among peoples.

But the world Tourist Day unites hopeless romantics, people loving with a backpack on his shoulders, to walk unexplored paths, sit by the campfire with a guitar, in a tent to wait out bad weather. In this day, there are gatherings of veterans of tourism, contests songwriters, various competitions where you can show the ability to conquer the summit, pass the crossing, tie knots and more. The people falling into scrapes and complex situation, which divides in half the bread and water, you feel the brothers and the brotherhood remains with them until the end, wherever they live: in Russia, in Canada or in Germany. They will always come to each other for help.

International holidays is a unifying factor that helps to maintain friendship between the people of different countries, contributes to the strengthening of world peace.

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