Wedding traditions of different peoples of the world

We don’t want to believe that a wedding is no longer fashionable, but Fashionable, too!

Wedding ceremony is experiencing a real boom. Young people rarely want to organize a “modest candlelight dinner”, and are increasingly turning to sources of culture, paying due attention to the ancient rites and ceremonies, complementing the feast, original customs of other peoples of the world and organizing your wedding in a particular style. Here’s more about it, the more that ’s wedding season” can be called open!

Ancient Rus.

When was the Christianity of Kievan Rus was intended as the official religion, began the formation of a traditional wedding ceremony, which took almost 7 centuries. Up to this point, all the rituals were directly connected with the pagan beliefs of ancient Slavs. But, despite all the efforts to completely eradicate paganism failed. That turned symbiosis of Christianity and pagan rites. After the 16th century, there has been a better ritual with defined stages, wedding attire and attributes, and of course folklore, which reached to our days. But the main innovation was mandatory Church lighting of the marriage.

It is accepted that the ceremony itself is divided into several stages, namely: pre-wedding customs (Dating, bride, girl divination); pre-wedding customs (matchmaking, bride, collusion, Bridal shower, janikova gatherings), wedding ceremony (bride, wedding procession, wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies (the second day, visits).

And in the East…

It’s hard to believe, but in this country, the rituals of marriage has remained virtually untouched by time and pace of modern life. Here the Union of two young people is often dependent on the parents of the groom. In India, life was always divided into very rich and very poor.

If the family is rich: an invitation to the wedding will get up to 800 people, and they will all be welcome. All of them have to feed the bride’s family. Wedding themes will be eggs, sweets and money. These objects symbolize the sweet life and prosperity. The bride will wear on the wedding day in a pink or red Sari and decorated with lots of decorations. Sometimes the total weight of the outfit can reach up to 12 kg. After the wedding ceremony, the bride as a gift will be presented with another decoration – necklace, which would indicate a married status of the girl.

If the family is poor. Only in India, in the tribe namdhari, you can celebrate the cheapest in the wedding world, which will cost about 16 cents. Here, the rules – no luxury, gifts and other attributes of wealthy life. And the most interesting, namdhari no single service. Just a few times a year, going 30-50 Bridal and organize collective celebration.

. Nowadays, marriages in Japan are in love. But it was not always, most of all the love in the relationship played a significant role. Marriage depending on the era and Chairman of the Board, was a way to maintain social status and extend the rod, and in the days of the samurai is a tool for creating military and clan alliances. Just like us, there are 2 types of marriage: civil and religious ceremonies. By the way, progressive Japanese organize the wedding in special centers, which combine Buddhist, Shinto or Christian traditions that are so attracted to young people. The wedding is not cheap, why are only the costumes of the bride and groom. The bride’s attire is called Shiro-Maku (shiro-maku) and is two kimonos: a white kimono is worn directly on the wedding ceremony, and after it, on top of the white kimono worn color (uchikake – uchikake). Each dress is a real work of art, as is used in sewing rigmarole of gold and silver, and in dyeing cloth using powder of gold and silver powders. The wedding decided to play in the summer, it is an ancient tradition that has survived to the present day. Therefore, all modern calendars are full of happy dates for the marriage.

In Europe…

It is in this country to have survived many of the ceremonies connected with the entrance to the Church. For example, the bride and groom had to jump over the bench, put across the entrance to the Church, which symbolically meant overcoming barriers to future family life. In some rural areas, Church gate adorned collected from all around silver spoons, beer mugs, and clocks that presaged many young kids. As a symbol of happiness to this day, are the boots. There is a legend that in the middle of the 19th century, at one wedding in Leicestershire brother of the bride, when he returned home from Church was thrown into the road from the wedding crew of a huge old Shoe. Bridesmaids in elegant dresses, threw himself on the dusty road and it was the one that first grabbed a Shoe, she soon married.

They say that the marriage contract has come to us from Europe… But not everyone knows that in France an agreement on the wedding is fixed by the contract, which indicated the proportion of the bride and the dowry of the bride. Under the dowry was meant to movable and immovable property. Included in the dowry of personal belongings of a young woman called “the basket of the bride”. Even in France, pay due attention not the time of year and time of day for wedding. Most young couples celebration held in the first half of the day, widows were married in the evening and at night. Also, by torchlight, night arranged marriage festivities aristocrats.

This custom like any Slavic man – going to weddings with a pot where you can put all sorts of Goodies and take them without shame home. Yes, it is! In Germany at the wedding table must be at least 20 dishes, and usually only ate those dishes that it was hard to carry. Everything else was neatly Packed in doilies and “hiding” in a pot. Usually this meat and pies.

Of course, there are still many countries and many interesting customs, but to talk about everything at once, unfortunately, impossible. But from the above at the wedding, should be enough to ignite the fire of passion, to include fantasy and to make a memorable holiday for yourself and your family.

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