Upcoming festivals and holidays in Holland

As you probably know, the Netherlands is a Kingdom destination with its own unique traditions and customs. Calendar of events and holidays here are very rich and varied that attracts masses of tourists from all over the world.

Holidays in April

April is not just one of months of spring. April is a unique time during which various events are held to raise the cultural level of the citizens and tourists of the Kingdom! Known to the Dutch national Museum weekend . which takes place every year during the second weekend in April, has one goal: enriching the citizens of the Kingdom…

That is why in this day – and in 2012, the year of this festival fell on the 14th of April – more than 550 museums invite visitors mostly free to attend all kinds of exhibitions, to listen to interesting lectures and more!

What unique museums you can visit on this day:

1. Art Museum in Amsterdam, called “Rijksmuseum” – it presents a Flemish painting of the 15th – 18th centuries.

2. Museum Amsterdam marijuana, hashish and cannabis – this Museum you will not find anywhere else!

3. The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam – if you’re a fan of modern art . then you should definitely visit this Museum!

4. The Van Gogh Museum . Amsterdam – like paintings of this artist? This Museum possesses the world’s largest collection of works by van Gogh!

5. The Museum company “Heineken” is Amsterdam’s most famous Museum brewing company.

These and many other museums open their doors on the 8th of April- a unique opportunity this is simply not to be missed.

In addition, as is known, the Netherlands – Kingdom of the flowers … all decorated with the country of tulips. From 20 to 22 April in the Netherlands, the festival of colors . named Bloemencors o !

Every year at the exposition parade new theme. What is the theme of the 2012 year? Communication !

The organization of the floral parade – the work is long and difficult, because florists are always happy to welcome volunteers who are involved directly in the organization of the holiday…

The spectacle of the game, bright and really memorable!

Another unique event of April is the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands (30 April) ! Quite unusual festival fell on this day: the fact that the Queen Beatrix was born on this day. 30th of April is the birthday of her mother (Queen Juliana).

As the celebrated “Royal birthday”? It’s very simple: the people of Holland took to the streets and having fun; in short, “who on that much”!

And, finally, another festival, starting in April . but lasting 7 months ( until October )! Is it called “Floriade” is a Grand festival in which you can participate as professional gardeners and lovers of flowers!

The solar festivals of may

This month, we will see other interesting events and holidays . Will shortly tell you about them:

1. National mills day – as you know, the Netherlands – “wind country”, “country water”, “flower Kingdom” and “land of windmills”. And on may 12th we celebrate the feast of windmills!

Indeed, the mill is one of the symbols of the Netherlands . “The country is on the water” literally owes its existence exactly windmills, whose main goal is the preservation of sushi!

Left so few of them – only one thousand, but they are functional and important for the Dutch…

2. The festival at the shipyard – the ten-day program ( 17 – 26 may ), the main task of which is, again, the cultural education of citizens of the Kingdom.

Every year actors, artists and many other creative people I suggest you check out their “masterpieces”, be it music, performing arts or simply shindig!

3. Festival Pink-pop of energetic, nuclear and interesting festival of rock music! Held every year on may 26 .

Very interesting the origin of the name of the festival: it is the Anglo-Dutch. The beginning ( pink ) – abbreviated name of Pentecost, in Dutch Pinksteren . and the end ( pop ) – by itself, from the phrase “popular music” (from the English. ” pop music “). Well, nowadays people believe that everything is quite different, namely: “pink” – “pink” and ” pop ” from Holland. “doll”.

By itself, the symbol of the festival was ” the doll in the pink “!

June-July festival

When, as in the summer, wants to party, fun, celebration. It made sense, the Dutch, and therefore in early summer – the 2nd of June is celebrated the famous “day of the new herring” . Just at this time is particularly prevalent this delicious fish (late may)!

The center of the festivities is the city of Scheveningen . decorated with various colored flags.

Celebrated “day of the new herring” as the selected herring (first barrel) receives Queen Beatrix, and the second barrel finds its buyers at the auction. Of course, fish of the day, that is, the sea!

The Dutch, who are not indifferent to this gift of the sea, prefer to eat fresh herring, macnow it in original chopped chives. Followed by a pint of beer and a mountain of fun.

Speaking about the July . it should highlight a particularly vivid and memorable festival gay . bearing the name ” Amsterdam pride “.

Musicians and representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation are going for the Amsterdam’s streets and celebrate Amsterdam Gay Pride !

Incidentally, in the 2012th year this festival falls on the period from 30 July to 2 August . The hottest day – 31st July …

Smartly dressed men, extravagant costumes and colorful outfits, loud and catchy music, positive sea – what else is needed for good organization of the festival.

A few words about cultural August

Festival August is Altmarkt (Uitmarkt), held from 27 th to 29 th August . What are its characteristic features? Well, going aesthetes and art lovers in General, and the three days in Amsterdam held events dedicated to the culture.

By the way, will be carried out not only “adult” and “child” celebration! The latter is called Uitmarkt Junior .

During this period, you will be able to observe such picture: museums and exhibitions, cabarets and theatres will open their doors to all art lovers for free! Like theatrical performances? Music? A variety of shows? Well, it’s your holiday, where you just have to participate!

The event will take place not only in the centre of Amsterdam: as practice shows, the festival will “sweep” across the capital of the Kingdom…

Floral September in Holland

Well, incredibly much the Dutch love flowers! Indeed, and why not, after all, the flowers, particularly tulips, are the heritage and symbolism of the Kingdom of the Netherlands!

In September – early autumn – is another flower festival ( 1st number ). It is held usually every year in the city of Aalsmeer .

Tellingly Aalsmeer Flower Parade ? It’s incredibly beautiful the parade through the streets of the city of Aalsmeer: 20 huge boats and 30 cars decorated with millions of flowers – fantastic performance!

In addition to direct “procession of flowers”, in the parade and you will find numerous orchestras, jazz bands and costumed performers. In addition, residents of the Netherlands participated in the parade in a very direct manner, namely, decorate their homes, lawns and cars fresh flowers…

And again, volunteers would be very useful to florists is time-consuming and time-consuming work to prepare for the floral parade…

The parade not only live, but also one of the most favorite festivals of the Dutch, good-natured and open minded people!

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