The solar cities

All winter I dream of warmth and summer. At the time of the winter-spring Blues almost all of us imagine myself in a warm country, where all year round the sun is shining and the sky is always blue. Where there are such places? Today we will visit the most Sunny cities in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, these places are not only on the equator in Africa, they are on all continents. But, before proceeding to their review, it should be noted that there are two methods of counting the number of Sunny days per year.

The first percentage. Scientists have calculated the maximum number of daytime hours when the sun can illuminate a particular area. This figure is 4456 hours per year. Accordingly, subtracting from this figure the number of cloudy hours, we get the exact number of solar. For example, if in a particular city, the sun shines 2228 hours per year, the percentage of his “sunshine” is 50%.

The second method is less accurate, it is measured by the number of days in a year, which was mainly Sunny and not cloudy. The concept is quite vague, as you know…

Given the existence of two methods, as well as the ever-changing climate, it is not surprising that the most Sunny cities in the world constantly change places in the rankings. However, the leaders of which year remain unchanged.

Solar American cities

The U.S., of course, not the most Sunny country in the world, but one of the cities that showed up. The title of the sunniest cities in the world belongs (and this is the official record listed in the Guinness Book of records) to Yuma, Arizona. Here a year as much as 325 Sunny days (or 4050 hours, which amounts to 93%) with a temperature of +32, rainfall is extremely rare, and the day is as much as 11 hours.

Along with Omoi, Sunny and very hot city in the world believe and its neighbor, the city of Phoenix, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Daylength here more than 10 hours a day, and the climate is very dry.

From the American viewpoint you may single out the Central part, namely the Caribbean. For example, in Jamaica the sun shines almost all year round, the weather is always warm and friendly. Also stands out the town of Ixtapa, Mexico.

Solar cities in Europe

On the European continent the most Sunny city located in the Mediterranean countries, namely Spain, Italy and Cyprus where the sun shines 320 days a year! Into the record books were, of course, the most southern, as in Cyprus and Malaga in Spain. As the sunniest city in Europe — Italian Foggia (Apulia region). In all these cities the sun shines at least 9 hours a day. Southern Spain, namely Andalusia, famous for the fact that here for about 10 months a year the sun shines brightly, and the weather all year round warm or hot. An additional delight is the beautiful nature.

To the sunniest countries of Europe include Greece (Thessaloniki, Athens, Alexandroupolis) and Israel (Haifa, tel Aviv). Here, the number of Sunny days in a year is approaching 310.

Sun city Africa

From African countries to show off your sunshine can Egypt, especially its South, Aswan. This city is located near the border with Sudan, the light day here lasts more than 10 hours, the number of Sunny days per year above 90 percent. As the climate in southern Egypt is very dry, the vegetation is found only along the river Nile, which contributes to the lack of fumes and clouds. Summer temperatures in Aswan ranges from 40-50 degrees during the day, and winter does not fall below +25. The southern part of Egypt and the whole of the Sudan can be considered one of the most arid areas on the planet. The lack of fertile soil, lack of water and sunshine all year round, makes these places not only the hottest and sunniest in the world, but very difficult to live in.

Solar cities Asia

Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, of course, are also well-known sunniest place on the planet. Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia can boast that they have almost a whole year of clear Sunny skies, with the exception of some two or three days.

The far East, namely Indonesia. proud of the fact that they have more than 300 days a year the sun shines brightly, the weather is almost always hot or warm. This exotic corner of the planet, with its beaches and blue skies, forever wins the hearts of tourists who dream of living or at least to relax, not in the hot desert, and in a Sunny country with beautiful green nature.

Next to Indonesia to bask in the sun in Singapore. This amazing Eastern country with modern technology and growing progress attracts huge number of tourists that without mind from the weather. No need to worry about lingering showers or cloudy sky, Singapore is another country of eternal summer!

Australia, the continent that 75 percent of the desert may not boast of a great number of hot and Sunny days as his African desert brothers, as there is quite a bit of precipitation. However, the sun in this side of the world also abound.

The most cloudy city in the world

In addition to the sunniest cities in the world, there are other places where the sun — a rare visitor. Cloudy and rainy town are also on all continents. London or St. Petersburg is almost always cloudy, the sun will not wait here, but sometimes worse.

The rainiest city in the world recognized the Colombian city Buenoventura, there rain pours almost constantly. Residents are accustomed to a constant water around, the absence of the sun, or at least variable cloudiness. Cloudy skies almost always see the inhabitants of the tropics, many oceanic Islands and countries such as Liberia, Samoa, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea. The inhabitants of these countries, and especially some of the cities not only can’t see the sun, and suffer from constant floods.

Of course, very little of the sun shines in the Nordic countries. Even if in the extreme North there is a Polar day, which could last months, a little confused by this, as the weather is very cold.

Those who loves the sun and is tired of waiting in the summer, be sure to make a holiday of it in the form of a trip to a Sunny and warm country, where you can forget about the rain, grey clouds and depression. And such places, as it turned out, the planet very much!

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