The Scenario of the festival of Friendship of peoples of the world in elementary school

Students sit at two tables. Good day! Hello! Today in this audience there are those for whom friendship is not an empty phrase, those who believe their friends and waiting for support and understanding, but unfortunately there are among us those who have not found other, those who have no one to rely on in difficult times. And I hope that each of you will make a small discovery today.

For a start, let us stand in a circle, look each other in the eye, smile and say, for example: “I wish you good mood!” The guys say wishes to each other. As for the one, two, three, you will say together in unison “COMMON-STUY-TE!” (Slide No. 2). This means, we wish each other good health, good luck and good mood. You’ll take your seats.

Open Slide 3 – a poster with the words “friend”, “comrade”, “friend” written offer “Friendship is….”. The teacher reads a poem:

(Track 2)

Who believes in friendship, hot,

Who feels near shoulder,

He will never fall,

In any trouble will not disappear.

And if suddenly stumble,

It is possible to stand up to him will help a friend

Always a reliable friend

In trouble lend a hand.

And only close friend we can open the soul, to trust the innermost. Only a true friend will never leave you in trouble and help out in any minute.

The announcement of the topic

So, the theme of our lesson: “Friendship is…” (Slide No. 4). Every person wants to communicate with other people. This is a normal and natural feeling. But, above all, need to understand their features and capabilities. This, everyone. Observe yourself. It is not excluded, some open, but “hard look” healthier “pink glasses”.

The main part (Track 3)

1. Sometimes we think that we know each other. But is it? I suggest you to play the game of “ getting the idea” (Slide No. 5). Hear colored leaves. Imagine that you decided to find a pen PAL and to do this you need to write a message on a Dating site. Tell us about your strengths – that love, value, that gives you a sense of confidence. Do not exaggerate its merits, but please inform us about their shortcomings. Leaves — announcements are posted on an online Dating site.

I think that your ads will definitely attract attention, because the basis of sociability are two feelings – respect and confidence, and these feelings are connected with the desire to understand the inner world of another person. The ability to live among men, to have comrades and friends depends entirely on education and self-education.

2. The next game, in which I propose now to play, called “Daisy”. The petals of this beautiful flower you complete the words. But not just words, and write on each petal one by one the most important, in your opinion, the quality without which friendship cannot take place. Before you (Slide No. 6) denoting the qualities necessary for friendship and words denoting qualities that you need to “wean” yourself. Understanding, Sensitivity, Pettiness, views, Uncertainty, Envy, Forgiveness, Kindness, Indifference, Generosity, self-Criticism, Talkativeness, Restraint, Thoughtfulness phrases and actions, Sassy, Irritability, Sincerity, Friendliness, Honesty.

Each team is issued on the Daisy guys write on the petals, and then read out serially quality and attach the petals to the Board. In response to each achievement all the others in chorus say, “That’s great! ” and simultaneously raise the thumb of the right hand. All together, using a “Daisy”, once again answer the question: “What are the qualities of a true friend? ” (Slide 7). Thank you very much! And would you like to wish each of you had a friend with these qualities, and that you in yourself were developing these positive and such need for friendship qualities of character.

3. In the job that I want to offer you, you need to arrange in order of importance the following statements. (Slide No. 8). What is important to you, put in the first place, the less important is the second, etc.

Being a good friend means to be soft and good-natured.

Being a good friend means to be serious and demanding in the relationship.

To be a good person means being able to be quiet when the situation requires it.

Being a good friend means being able to tell the truth without fear of being rejected after that.

Being a good friend means well know the weaknesses of each other and yet, to love him.

The floor for both teams.

4. Physical exercises

And now we get some rest. I will say phrases, and if you belong to the next category, you must clap your hands.

Pop all present.

Only girls.

Only boys.

Only those who can call themselves a true friend.

Only those who have a true friend, and those who have 2 other and more.

Only those who have a good mood today.

5. (Track 4) the Ability to make friends – a quality that not everyone has. A good friend appreciate, cherish them, and such people are rarely alone. And you know how to make friends? To find the answer to this question, I suggest you test out the youth magazine “Cool”. For each question, three possible answers, you need to choose from.

Test: (Slide 9)

1. Their best friends (friends) do you think those

A. With whom I have formed excellent relations.

Q. On whom you can always rely on in a difficult situation.

C. Who is able to achieve much in life.

2. Honestly, you want your best friends… (Slide No. 10)

A. Were cool and interesting personalities.

V. Helped you when you asked.

C. Never betrayed you in difficult times.

3. If you were asked to choose one book to read in the evenings, it was BA book…(Slide No. 11)

A. How to make friends and maintain good relationships in life.

V. interesting About people and their adventures.

C. Detective or sci-Fi.

4. At recess classmates begin to argue and it seems that the quarrel. How are you while driving? (Slide 12)

A. Try to calm down…

V. Step aside – it’s not my problem.

S. will find out who is right and who is wrong – and give my opinion.

5. Would you agree with the statement that most people would be much happier if more trust each other? (Slide 13)

A. I Think, Yes.

Q. I’m not sure.

S. In my opinion, happiness is not in this.

6. How do you think you have the qualities that you are proud of, but never appreciated ( maybe ) your friends? (Slide 14)

A. I Doubt It.

Q. I such a thought never in my head did not come…

S. Definitely Yes.

7. You know that friend ( girlfriend ) was a nuisance and he most likely will call and ask you for help. You…(Slide 15)

A. Not going to wait and make the call yourself.

V. Sympathize with on the phone.

C. parents will be Asked to say that I’m not home.

Evaluation of test results. (Slide 16)

Put together relating to your scores. The total score will show you the result.

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