The Most unusual cocktails and spirits in the world!

1.Steven Drummond, one of the owners of the pub, looking for a new drink for participation in the national exhibition Monteith. To impress the audience at the exhibition and he invented the most freaky cocktail in the world. Agreeing with the owner of the horse farm Craster nearby, he began to harvest semen in stallions. “Necessary” a fair amount of sperm, Steven has launched a new range of cocktails. Shocked the audience at the exhibition avoided the pavilion of the inventor, but in the pub cocktail many visitors came to taste. Especially love the girl. The visitor gladly part with$ 25 up to taste the seed stallions, diluted Apple juice. Stephen is recommended to drink a cocktail in one gulp, not to savor through a straw. Otherwise, you may vomit. Most amazing of all, despite the disgusting taste, quite a few people decided to experiment and tried a cocktail. However, the reserves of equine semen Stephen over, and if you want to savor the most freaky cocktail in the world, we should hurry.

2.Mezcal. This drink from Mexico. The basis of this liqueur is meat. Worms are actually the larvae of a moth that lives on the fruit of the agave. No one knows where the tradition is to add worms to the liquor, but maybe it is proof that the alcohol content high enough to keep the worm in the form of saline.

3.A slice of lightly smoked salmon with soft cream cheese on a crispy bread – sounds delicious, mouth watering. But same effect you can hardly reach, repeating the phrase “Vodka with the flavor of smoked salmon”. However, this vodka really does exist. Lets her a pretty respected company Alaska Distillery, which in the product line, by the way, nothing fancy no more. Although interest their rhubarb vodka and vodka with birch syrup. In Alaska, of course, live the harsh people of America, but do not think that gatherings of employees of wells and mines fun accompanied by vodka with the flavor of the salmon. Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka rather a real gift for bartenders who love experiments. For example, it is perfectly suited for flips with oyster. As you say, this prescription? In a vodka shot glass, put the oyster, half-filled with tomato juice, top gently pour vodka with the flavor of the salmon, and it will not be mixed with juice, and black pepper to taste. To should drink in one gulp.

4.Sooner or later this liqueur would still be there: evil can’t be stopped. It is made in Holland and bottled in France and dark-dark night went to Japan, where huge amounts are absorbed in cocktails with pineapple and orange juices. Apparently, after such libations Japanese and create the most vile horror movies, because this is the real curse of the drinking yogurt with alcohol. Lactic acid bacteria there are, of course, and there is no trace. Cream liqueur-flavored yogurt. Why is he so attracted to the Asian market, it is absolutely unclear. Perhaps they want to conform to the West (judging by the books Murakami, trends observed such), but their stomachs are simply unable to absorb the real Danone and ACTIVIA. Well, the Europeans proved too susceptible to mass drink alcoholic Logwrite after them all my childhood stuffed soft yogurt. Logwrite sold in bottles shaped like the bottle of sake. You can find them everywhere – in supermarkets, bars, restaurants. Long live the horror!

5.Mama Juana

If, traveling to the Dominican Republic, you will see on the counter in the shop jar, filled to the brim with sawdust and some kind of liquid, it is not a fertilizer, which is usually your grandma watering once a month room flowers. This is not for grandma. And God forbid, the pressure will jump up! This explosive mixture of rum, red wine, honey, herbs and tree bark, which to irrigate his own liver. It is believed that the Mother of Juan acts like viagra. I had a couple of glasses of assume that Dominican beauty are yours. Drink drink is quite nice, the taste is slightly like a port wine. Each Dominican town your secret cooking Mama Juana. Each recipe is kept secret. And that after all these Yankees or Asians will put everything on mass production and down the drain! However, there are manufacturers in the Dominican Republic that offer all the necessary ingredients for the standard Mom, which can be mixed at home or at the bar.


In the USA medical marijuana is available by visiting therapist-naturopath. Torment insomnia? Smoke a Spliff. Post-partum depression? Have two and no longer give birth. It’s legal, but, of course, can cause and addictive. Then except the therapist will have to visit the psychiatrist. In Holland, as you know, a little bit easier. Daughter’s birthday? Why not to mention, having smoked a Spliff! Increased in the service? Why not drink a liqueur with marijuana! You can order it in almost every bar in Amsterdam. Drunk as a digestive, of alcohol in it just to 14.5%. Costs about 11$. The liquor is bright green color and distinctive leaf on the label. Once it went on sale, drug addicts and alcoholics in the Netherlands has not increased, which, in fact, supposed to somehow rehabilitate this miracle drink in the eyes of the puritans.


Icelanders who willingly consume eating rotted shark, couldn’t come up with something like this in the area of drinking. Meet: Brennivin – schnapps, popular in countries of Northern Europe. Is made from rotten potatoes and cumin. Extremely robust. During the traditional winter festival Thorrablot as a snack lamb eggs and boiled sheep’s head.

TASTE. A strong smell of cumin and quickly disables the mind of the drinker. And it’s not so bad when on the table in front of you are steaming the eggs sheep.

8.Murine vodka

In the most populated country in the world is this poison is considered therapeutic. The Chinese say: this vodka is good for the common cold and problems with the liver.

Cooking is very simple. A large number of mice, which is not more than three days old (not wool), is pushed into the bottle. Beverage defend at least one year in a dry dark place.

TASTE. A couple of glasses of this drink is enough guaranteed to knock out any admirer of alcoholic exotics. However, because of the terrible taste and smell exudes a drink, few dare on it.

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