The Most important pagan holidays Slavs

January (prosinec). The winter holidays are Slavs

1-6 – Volosova days. Otherwise referred to as the wolf days. In these days we need to pray livestock patron – God Hair and cattle. Protect the flock these days from the depredation of wolves bring their animals thanks for what they feed us from time immemorial.

3 – Day of remembrance of the legendary Princess Olga . Today a toast in honor of the great Gentile Olga. Glorified centuries in his name by his deeds worthy of memory and glory – took revenge on the citizens for the murdered husband, gave birth to the Great Prince Svyatoslav and United Russia.

6 – Turity . Holiday Yar-Tur, a bull, symbolizing fertility and life force. On this day people wear masks of bulls and play around. Youth plays in turica – fun games. This day is the end of the Christmas holidays.

8 – Indian Porridge . Day midwives-midwives. In Russia it was customary on this holiday to go to the midwives, giving them vodka, pancakes, giving gifts. It was believed if the young woman will make a gift to the midwifery grandmother, she (the girl) will be born healthy and strong child.

18 –Day Intro (Lord of snakes). Intra Slavic mythology is the God of clouds, snakes, wells, springs. Identified with Navyu (spirit of the dead). On the night of the nymphs were supposed to talk chimneys – the pipes through which the NAV could enter the house. Intra – the inhabitant of the dungeon, so it was necessary to say: “If the Sun is in the sky, in the Intra Navi”. Intra protects soldiers, representing courage, strength and valor.

21 – Prosinec . The middle of winter, the return to earth of the solar heat. Said Prosinec sanctification. Slavs bathed in cold water, covered with rich tables. Among the other dishes on the table means had to be dairy products – milk, cheese, yogurt, cheese and other.

30 – the Day of Santa Claus and weselowski snow Maiden. The symbolic end of winter. This is the day to tell stories about Santa Claus and his daughter – the snow maiden.

February (sechen)

10 – Cutesy, Velesichi . Day brownie. Brownie on this day to make offerings to appease him. Behind the stove was left with a pot of porridge, pre-wrapped it and covered with hot coals to the food not cooled down to the parish house. “Grandpa-roomie! Help yourself, eat porridge, so keep the house from evil our. Eat cake, Yes the farmhouse take care!” Brownie helps the family, where he is appreciated. This is a good spirit, sometimes a bit mean. On the contrary, if his “master” does not feed, he starts to run amok and cause residents a lot of trouble.

15 – Meet . The boundary between winter and spring. If the presentation has become warmer – expect an early spring. On the contrary, cold day – to the cold spring. On Candlemas commoners burned each other’s hair, believing that it is a good remedy for headaches. To set fire to your hair followed crosswise, using Candlemas candles. On this day, bake a round Golden pancakes, symbolizing the sun, bonfires, dancing and having fun.

18 – Trojan winter . Day of Military glory. This day is done anything heroic, fraught with danger, but for the benefit of the homeland or for the family. Remember at the table of the fallen soldiers.

29 – The Day Of Kashchei Chernobog . Kashchei – Lord of the Navi (the dead), Hell and Darkness. The God of death, destruction, hatred and cold. The embodiment of all black, the mad and evil. The world of the Slavs divided into two halves, good and bad.

March (Sukhyi). Spring holidays

1-Navier day (munity) . Day of the dead among the ancient Slavs. Today the people invites the ancestors to the holiday table by bringing sacrifices. Munity – one of the four prayers to the ancestors.

3 – Day of memory of Prince Igor . Pagan Prince kept Byzantium – the center of Christianity – in fear, went to Constantinople. The Vikings helped him to fight the enemies and control the Principality. Their cruel and greedy actions destroyed Igor – he was murdered by citizens during poluda.

21 – Carnival . Today, people celebrate the Spring Equinox, the end of winter, the ancient carnival. This day should celebrate, to feast, to dress up. Carnival bake pancakes, muffins and pregancy, symbolizing the Sun.

24 – Comodity . One of the oldest festivals of Paganism. Today pray Bearish God and sacrifice to the Great Honey Beast – bear. It is believed that this day was a continuation of oilseed weeks.

April (Beretta)

7-Day goddess Karna . The second day of praying to dead ancestors, the day of the goddess of lamentations and weeping. At the gates of the houses in this day was to bonfires and burn them rags, old clothes and stuff. “… the fire of the soul passing warm…”. On the table should be kutia and water for the dead.

22 – Holiday Lely . Lola was one of the main ancient Slavic goddesses. On this day, proposing a toast in her honor.

Mai (may)

1 – Radonitsa . This day is named after the God Kind, the patron Saint of the family and the universe. Day names and the third prayer of the ancestors. Dead today put the vodka, beer and food. Pomykalski name to the table their dead – to drink, to eat at the memorial funeral feast.

20-30 – Welland Rosen . These days brought the Family of the victim, begging him for a good harvest.

June (Cresent)

4 – Yarilin Day . Day of fertility, Yarila – the God of the Sun. On this day, the Slavs organized mass merrymaking and dancing, which was accompanied by a voluptuous body and a loud scream.

19-24 – Mermaid week . Glorified deity of reservoirs and rivers – Mermaids. This week involves a lot of divination. stories and legends. Decided to tell scary stories and tales. It is believed that the spirits of the drowned are able at this time to freely fly over lakes and fields.

24 –Midsummer . This day is now celebrated as the feast of the Summer solstice and human sacrifice to the Lizard (in single cases) – the owner of the underwater world. Taken in the night to gather a crowd, have fun, sing songs, guess the round dances. Ponds kindle fires, conduct rites and stoked Kupala in the river. Later the victim was replaced by a doll made of straw.

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