The brightest festivals in the world

Worldwide festival tourism is gaining altitude, and today the festival is a great opportunity to go to another country, learning more about its traditions and history, leaving only the memory of bright impressions and emotions.

Translated from the French means ” mass celebrations “. Usually, festivals are held in late winter — early spring. The citizens of many countries enjoy the coming of spring and waiting for heat, sun, joy and love.

Oktoberfest — learn Germans closer

Oktoberfest really allows you to know the Germans and their traditions very close. This is one of the most important festivals in Germany. It is held every year and attracts a lot of tourists, beer celebration worldwide known and has won many admirers. Those wishing to visit this festival is growing every year, and people are already going full families, bringing neighbors and friends.

Since the festival began, the Germans noticed that it gives people some kind of magical effect, and it’s not just the beer. People like the bustle, the crowd, a mass gathering in the squares, like the smell of beer and fried sausages, it forces people to do extraordinary things. Even the most modest guests manage something, “kelp”, jumping on the bench and drinking real German beer.

After holding this festival in the lost and found gets lost an incredible amount of things, from jewellery to, as always, mobile phones and wallets. In recent years the festival was attended by over 6.5 million people. So if you intend to open your business in Germany, we do not plan on opening it on September, at this time, the whole country stops working and only happy in all cities beer festival.

Costume carnival in Macedonia

This festival is not as bright as the Oktoberfest, but it is worth visiting. It takes place every year on 13 January. On the main square of people come out, dressed in the old costumes of the world. The festival is considered very ancient and combines Christian and pagan traditions. Macedonia annually into live theater, everyone can wear absolutely any suits, the purpose of which is to Express yourself as you want. It is held since 1993 and attracts a lot of tourists.

The Netherlands — the country of flowers

Floral festivals always attract many tourists. Today they are held by many countries, but the most vivid and storage takes place in Holland. The country is famous not only for roses and tulips, grown here and the daffodils, and lilies, and orchids, and even chrysanthemums. The city held mass celebrations, on the main streets passing all sorts of fancy cars decorated with flowers, over which there are about 100 well-known designers. If you wish to see the beautiful flowers of Holland, then you should definitely visit the festival of colors, is an unforgettable sight that will not leave anyone indifferent. The festival is impossible to describe in words, it needs to see, and not only see, but feel, as worn around the dizzying scents of thousands of flowers. During the festival works in Holland flower market, and at any time of the day you will be able to purchase any bouquet and not only for a modest sum.

The most colorful and dangerous festival in the world

Each year, the balloon festival is held near the town Taunggyi located to the East of Burma, which attracts thousands of travelers from around the world. The balloon festival traditionally at the end of November. This is a fairly ordinary event and it is held in many countries, but this festival is recognized as the most colorful and dangerous in the world.

The peculiarity of the festival is that the balloons launch not during the day, as is customary, and not even in the evening and at night and during the full moon. And launch into the sky not only balls, but also the whole festival is accompanied with various fireworks and Chinese lanterns that let in the sky anyone.

The festival gathers each year more than 10 thousand spectators. Mostly locals, but in recent years, increasingly in the travel agencies have special offers for travellers to get to the most dangerous festival in the world. But then don’t forget that I will have to go pretty far, and tour are you to make in one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia.

The Makha Bucha festival in Thailand

The festival is held annually in the third month of the Buddhist calendar and be sure in a full moon. Typically, it falls on February and sometimes in March. Makha Bucha is the most important festival in the country, is celebrated in honor of the spirits of the Buddha. During the festival all residents recall 1250 monks that the Buddha taught a path to enlightenment. On this day the inhabitants of the country and even the neighbors begin to pray and burn incense, after the sun sets, the monks host a Grand procession through the streets, carrying candles, which are placed in a special glass bulb. The main purpose of the festival is the cleansing of the mind and enlightenment thoughts.

The festival of colors in India

The festival of colors in India are satisfied with the arrival of spring. All the population together meets Holly is a holiday, like New year. These days all the cities of India colorful painted bright colors, this colorful food dye that each other is sprinkled with adults and children.

The origin of the holiday is due to several legends, but the rituals that accompany it, for many centuries the same: on a fire burnt the effigy of the evil demon Holika, and then a lot of singing and dancing, rejoicing in her death and celebrating love. The riot of colors on the streets of Indian cities these days symbolizes the death of the old year and the rebirth of nature. And in the evening, washed paint, people go to visit on holiday treats.

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