The Bright colors of Golden autumn

Strong guys in embroidered shirts, standing on stage, singing so heartfelt that skin was crawling. “Russia build guys…” the Hall filled to overflowing drama together they sang.

All in all, the traditional festival “Golden autumn-2007” took part more than two thousand representatives talented students engaged in Amateur performances. Groups and soloists competed in eight genre categories for the right to be the best. The winners were published last Friday — they were in a Grand gala concert.

Features big stage

The popularity and status of the festival is growing each year. It was an ambitious student project in the Orel region: both the representation and the artistic quality of teams and participants, and coverage of educational institutions of the region.

This year the contest was unusual — even more ambitious, entertaining, thoughtful. Let’s start with the fact that it involved the contestants not only from eagle, but also from the districts. This never happened before ever. After the “Golden autumn” in the regional centers, the Grand Prix came to the regional competition in eagle. And not just arrived, and was able to perform well on the big stage.

This furor has made Olga Cairo from Chrome, which became the second in the nomination “Modern dance”. Oriental dance in her performance was so professional that I absolutely could not believe that the art of grafting she mastered herself. And after Olga admitted that the costumes to sew your own, I joined the ranks of her many fans.

Another feature of this year were as much as four days of competition. So long the festival has never lasted. First, in the universities and colleges have passed the qualifying round and then the winners went to the youth centre “Flight” to the next stage.

On the stage of the academic theatre

them. Turgenev was the best of the best. By the way, this was the final feature — never before participants had the opportunity to show off their talents on the big stage.

The festival “Golden autumn-2007” will be remembered by the participants and the audience the fact that for the first time in its eight-year history of the gala concert was attended by the Governor of the Oryol region E. S. Stroyev. He watched the performances with visible pleasure, deferring important business meeting, and took the opportunity to talk with representatives of the most talented Orel youth.

Creative student burning hearts

Vocalists, folk, ballroom and popular dance, the participants of the Stems and vocal-instrumental ensembles, actors of an original genre, KVN… From a rainbow of gorgeous student costumes dazzled eyes. But the winners and laureates of the festival could become only the most talented.

Boys and girls Academy FSO this year also won prizes with ease magicians. Signalmen were the first in two categories. Their song is a vocal group called “Just because” was named best pop numbers, and Ivan Krupnov and Maria Veterina so easily and gracefully “flying” around the stage in a classic pop dance it was not equal.

Festival nomination enabled participants to reveal themselves on all sides, ranging from fashion theater, where the best designers were recognized Jan Levkova, Anastasia Levchik and Julia Antsiferov from OSU, and to journalism, where the winner was the correspondent start Anna Boev.

Students were so talented and so creatively approached to the fact that the jury was taken aback. Before him was a difficult task. But the judges found a way out: this time it was announced two Grand Prix. One of them was awarded to the ensemble “Team” performing full furor in the hall. Despite the fact that team is only one year, he managed to conquer the hearts of fans and not just be celebrated in various competitions. During this period the participants were sufficiently known to a wide audience. Now recognize him and in Moscow — the boys will represent our area in the capital on similar competition.

Roman Kondrashov, one of the singers of the ensemble, managed to find backstage. On his face was not only the joy of victory, but also some confusion. In the hands of flowers from grateful fans, in the eyes of the euphoria of the long-awaited victory.

— I must admit, to receive such a high award is very nice, says one of the heroes of the day. — And yet we did not believe that the Grand Prix will get us. The path to his goal was not easy — a step-by-step, exerting maximum effort, we have perfected our room. It is the result of painstaking daily work in the next few months. Our entire team made efforts, without any of the guys we have, nothing would have happened. Each one put in the room a piece of his soul. Only supporting, mutually complementing each other, we still managed to be the best.

The winner of the second Grand Prix was a student Orel state agrarian University Olga Piskunova, hit all the timbre of his voice and unmatched vocal singing. By the way, the best performer of romances was recognized and the medical student Karen Stepanyan, who won first place.

Among the young artists was awarded Tatiana Dorofeeva, but in folklore was not equal to the Institute of arts and culture. Looking for energetic members of the ensemble “rainbow” and “Freemen”, the audience involuntarily and they started to dance.

The spirit of unity of the contestants was explained and Patriotic spirit of the competition. Somewhere more, somewhere less, but it was present in all categories. Best dance performance was “Apple”, famously performed by students Mezen teachers College, and during the song of Joan Kozhukhovo “Soldier” many eyes filled with tears. Student Orlovsky College of music has conquered not only the room but the jury.

Soon photos and videos from the speeches of the winners will be sent by the contest organizers in Moscow. Strict capital jury will decide who will represent the Oryol region at the festival “We are one, we are Russia”. Talents from across the country will come to it with a purpose — to revive patriotism among young people, to sing their Homeland. In addition, the winners of the competition, held in the eagle, will be recommended to receive the presidential award in the category “Art”.

All the winners were awarded with numerous awards, prizes and diplomas. The participants managed to make a bright and memorable holiday: they gave the audience a glow of smiles, his creative combustion, in which each of them have invested your soul.

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