Recipes for festive meals

A festive meal is not just a meal, it’s a great opportunity to communicate with loved ones while enjoying delicious dishes. Recipes for festive meals extraordinarily diverse, but they share one thing: the food is very tasty, beautiful and unusual. Carefully thought-out menu – a guarantee that a holiday dinner to remember.

General principles

On holiday I always want to cook all the delicious, all the food that for one reason or another can not cook often. It can be foods from expensive products, delicacies, and also those products which are prohibited by most diets. But not all these dishes are combined with each other. The secret to competent menu for celebration – a harmonious combination of foods.

This means that the table must be present a variety of dishes that will complement each other. If guests will be a lot, and dishes should also be a lot: for a variety of table no one goes hungry, everyone will find a dish to their liking. If the celebration takes place in a close circle, some foods may be less. Thus it is necessary to choose the menu for only those dishes that are popular with all guests, without exception.

Effect of diversity can be easily achieved if alternate meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. You should also alternate the dishes at different temperatures, with different texture, different taste nuances. For example, after acute crispy toast or snack bars pies can submit a tender julienne julienne: elegant hot appetizer . and after cold tapas would be appropriate on a hot dish with a delicate taste.

Usually at the gala dinners are served cold and hot starters, main dishes and desserts. In some cases, the menu also includes soups, and sometimes refuse certain types of foods, for example, from hot appetizers.

It is very important that all the dishes are in tune with their accompanying drinks. If on the table there are a variety of snacks and drinks should be different. General rules for the selection of dishes is quite simple: to red meat is served with red wine (and the richer the taste of the meat, the stronger the wine use), to the bird – rose wine, fish – white. Fatty snacks and hot meals (for example, goose baked with apples) decided to accompany spirits. Desserts are served liqueurs and sweet wines, sometimes champagne. Throughout the celebrations on the table should be and non-alcoholic beverages: fruit juices and mineral water, dessert is also served coffee or tea.

Cold appetizers

Festive table without cold appetizers Cold appetizers: from meats to salad just unthinkable. This is primarily a variety of salads from vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms with a variety of dressings. Recipes of salads, there many options to too much. For example, a very original look in salads portioned bowls. Salads are often served in small baskets of puff or savoury shortcrust pastry. Lower-calorie option – vegetable tarts. For example, containers for salad can be made from halves of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, celery stalks and even cabbage leaves.

In addition to the salads on the table traditionally exhibited a range of delicacies, slicing, smoked, salted, roasted meat, boiled tongue, salted and smoked fish, caviar. All these dishes are generously decorated with greens and vegetables.

Vegetables – fresh or pickled – also take a snack on the table a place of honor. Sometimes also served spicy marinated fruits that complement the flavor of meat dishes.

If the budget does not allow you to offer guests a large number of cuts that can be put on the table dishes to sandwiches. Of course, festive sandwiches differ from their everyday counterparts: they decided to do a small size (one bite) on dried bread and be sure to garnish with fresh herbs, vegetables, sauces. For example, ham is combined with a slice of fresh cucumber, salted fish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of parsley, slide caviar with a slice boiled eggs, and meat pate with fried mushrooms and greens. These sandwiches are not only a decorative look, they are also very tasty.

Hot snacks

Hot snacks are often neglected, and for good reason: these dishes make dinner a truly aristocratic. From main dishes, appetizers are characterized a smaller portion size and a more spicy taste, also, they are served without a side dish, but often accompany sauces.

If the main dish is made with meat, poultry or fish, hot snacks it is best to use vegetables or mushrooms. For example, you can cook the mushrooms in a cream sauce or boiled broccoli with sauce, cheese Dor blue. Stuffed eggplant or peppers, cauliflower cauliflower: the Queen of the vegetable table or assorted wild mushrooms – all of these snacks will make your meal unforgettable.

Main dishes

In most cases, main hot dishes prepared from meat, poultry or fish, and often the dish is baked in the oven. In everyday life casserole dishes are relatively rare – more often than usual Lunches and dinners are cooked on the stove. So the dish from the oven always turns festive. In addition, these meals are also very tasty. And farshirovanye will turn an ordinary piece of meat, poultry or fish in a particularly refined and original dishes.

The side dish can be prepared separately or together with the main dish: for example, duck baked with apples, served with a side dish of these fruits. If the side dish is prepared separately, it is best to make it complex, i.e. consisting of several ingredients. For example, you can serve the chicken rice (boiled or fried in Chinese) and a variety of vegetables and meat or fish – fresh, boiled and fried vegetables.

Dessert choice depends on the main dish – better fed than it is, the more light and airy should be dessert. This can be weightless soufflé, fruit jellies, sambuk or mousse. If easy main dish, dessert, accordingly, may be more “thorough” – suitable sweet pies, puddings, cakes and pastries.

Sweet tooth, you can offer two types of dessert to choose from. This can be, for example, chocolate cake and fruit soufflé or a light cake with fruit and vanilla pudding. These desserts will be the perfect end to the meal.

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