Prague festival

According to the world tourism organization by 2005, the capital of the Czech Republic took sixth place in Europe by number of visits after London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Berlin. The total number of tourists visiting Prague, exceeded in 2011, 3.8 million people. However, as experts note, Prague is far from exhausted the potential of its development and has the potential to attract far more guests in connection with the holding of various cultural events.

Every year the Prague magistrate highlights on the culture of hundreds of millions of crowns, but even this seemingly large sum is the subject of heated debate between its individual recipients – everyone have enough money barely, and the most offended in this sense, consider themselves to small theatres.

In total there are 84 theatre with a permanent stage, 34 cinemas, 86 public libraries, 74 Museum, 160 art galleries and numerous concert halls and music clubs.

The international music festival “Prague spring”, “Prague antonín dvořák”, “strings of autumn”, the Prague international organ festival, the Prague writers ‘ festival, the international documentary film festival on human rights “One world”, the Prague festival of experimental art, the world festival of Gypsy art – this is not a complete list of cultural events all around the world, taking place in Prague, and at different times of the year attracts the attention of a huge number of viewers – both Czech and foreign.

Some festivals can be called historical – for example, the classical music festival “Prague spring”, the oldest in the Czech Republic, was first held in 1946, the year and since then it is held in Prague every year from 12 may to 4 June. Moreover, the tradition to open the festival cycle of symphonic poems “My country” bedřich Smetana and close its “Ode to Joy”, which is part of the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, is not violated since 1952.

Other festivals, such as “Prague antonín dvořák” (2008), quite young, but the year is gaining momentum, delighting the audience with an increasingly diverse and rich programs.

Some festivals, unfortunately, ceased to exist – for example, “Prague autumn”, which existed from 1991 to 2008, it is Worth noting that the “Prague autumn” was not a public festival, but was aimed at fans of classical music. Perhaps that is why she failed to avoid problems with financing. Despite the fact that the festival has supported various non-profit organizations, and the last 5 years he was held under the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic václav Klaus, had only the main long-time sponsor of the festival to refuse to allocate money for its holding, as it closed. The organizers simply could not replace it in the financial crisis. In 2009, another private firm tried to put instead of “Prague autumn” a new, more modest festival “Radio autumn”, but he was enough for exactly one season.

Festivals of contemporary music such as, rock festivals Rock for People and “Masters of Rock”, a multicultural festival “Sazavafest” foreign music “Mighty Sounds”, etc. are conducted mainly outside of Prague, often in the open air, are very popular and, despite (or maybe thanks to?), what the organizers are also private firms to be closed until the plan. The main task of any private firm is to maximize its profit, so they usually feel better new developments and changes of sentiment in the masses, better adapted to the needs of the audience and continue to gather crowds of people, despite any crises.

These festivals are aimed mainly at a completely different category of audience – young people who are very active and that is usually hard to get to the festival of classical music. Of course, and it plays a role in the fact that private (and in essence – youth) festivals visited more than public and private classic.

The state also satisfied sometimes festivals of contemporary music. For example, performances on the Vltava Emir Kusturica (2011) and Goran Bregovic (2010) in the framework of the festival “a Midsummer night’s Dream” has gathered so many people that under them was barely hanging bridges. “People need celebrities – here’s a key point in attendance of music festivals, and not who carries them out – state or private organizations,” – said Giorgi Ramishvili – organizer of concerts for Russian-speaking audience of Prague.

Sometimes the government spends in Prague and musical action on a smaller scale, not aimed at anyone specifically, and all at once. For example, “Music in the metro” on April 18 of this year, could not remain unnoticed. People on this day made their usual routes to work — for a meeting — house, but suddenly heard the sound of the music, smiling on the run, and sometimes stopped and listened spellbound, even if in another place to listen to this music did not come. And someone came to the subway station, where he played favorite music style and enthusiastically danced. It’s cute, fresh and unusual, it attracts. In turn, the shares of type “old Czech music in the town squares” attract, as a rule, only onlookers tourists Yes bystanders older, young people usually pass by.

Held here and other festivals, not music that cannot be compared with anything. For example, the international documentary film festival on human rights “One world”, held in Prague since 1999, annually demonstrates to the audience of about a hundred films during the nine spring days and is the world’s largest festival of this kind. In 2006 he received a Special Mention in UNESCO for his contribution to the promotion of human rights and peace education.

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