Play “Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro”

Eventful play “Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro” was staged by the Tabakov theatre in honor of the 30th anniversary. The Director of the play was Konstantin Bogomolov, and the main role is played by Sergey Bezrukov. The premiere was held on 14 may in the framework of the festival of arts “cherry forest”.

Summary “the Marriage of Figaro” (Beaumarchais).

Summary “the Marriage of Figaro” (Beaumarchais) can be described as follows. The action takes place in the castle of count Almaviva, in which in one day to weave intrigue and tear, occur wedding and quarrels, offers unexpected details and happen most unforeseen events. In the center of the intrigue is the young landlord or custodian of the graph Figaro, funny and wise young man, the closest ally of the graph. However, now he fell into disgrace, and all due to the fact that they decided to get married on the maid of the Countess, the girl named Suzanne. The count decides to restore disgusting Senora right to the virginity of the bride, but the maid angrily refuses him. Figaro shocked by the meanness of his master and Suzanne promises to outwit the sensualist of the graph. She is confident that he will succeed, because the passion for intrigue and the ability to deal with financial matters – his element.

The count is not the only enemy of Figaro. The wedding is also threatened by doctor Bartolo and his companion Marceline. Once the count is not without the help of Figaro kidnapped bride of Dr. Bartolo and got into financial squabbles with Marcelino, so now both are going to prove their case in court. Marceline Figaro declares that if he does not return the money, he, as a decent person, have to take her to wife.

Marceline passionately in love with Figaro, she is attracted to his genial nature and optimism. But it is not averse to get into the wife of Dr. Bartolo, the bonds they share a common child, in infancy kidnapped by Gypsies.

Count only rejoices this coincidence, because Marceline is able to prevent the marriage of Figaro and Susanna. The count, before passionately in love with his wife, soon lost interest in her and instead of fulfilling marital duties velocette all the surrounding beauties, with wildly jealous wife to all men who are nearby.

However, the Countess doesn’t feel deprived of male attention. After her clumsily but eagerly courting the young page Cherubino, a charming young rake, instantly fascinated by all the women that appear in his field of vision. But most attention goes to the Countess, godmother of the little page.

That arrogant attitude Cherubino, of course, is the displeasure of count that as punishment wants to send the page to the parents. Cherubino complains Suzanne kindly, but during their conversation in the room maids knocking the count. The girl in horror Cherubino hides behind a chair, and entered the count without the hints Suzanne offers money in exchange for a date with her before the wedding. The direct answer she is saved by a voice as a court musician Basil. The count, not wanting to be caught in the maid’s room, hiding behind the chair, behind which sits a small page. The boy manages to run out and climb on a chair, where Susanna covers him dress. Basile gossiping, telling Suzanne about the connection Cherubino and the Countess. The count, overcome by jealousy, comes out from behind the chair and discovers the little page. Confident that Cherubino with Suzanne was a date, and furious at the fact that overheard them, he finally decides to send the boy home, and the girl deny to get married.

At this time it appears Figaro at the head of the smartly dressed crowd of vassals of the count. Dodger warned them that they were praising her Lord and thanked for the abolition of the rights of the Seigneur at the innocence of the bride. The count, himself cursing the resourceful Figaro, reaffirms its decision. At the same time beg him to forgive a pageboy Cherubino and the count, gritting his teeth, consents and, generating the young man to the officers on the condition that he immediately leave to serve in Catalonia. Cherubino in despair that he will have to part with the Countess, but Figaro finds a way, advising him to be cast out, and quietly back to the castle.

In retaliation, the count is going to support Marcelino on the court to disrupt the wedding of Susanna and Figaro. In an effort to protect the bride from the encroachments of his master, Figaro plans a new intrigue. Via Basilio, the count receives a note saying that the Countess appeared a mysterious fan who will look for a date with her during the evening of the ball.

Figaro tells Suzanne that she scheduled a meeting with the count in the garden that evening, but instead there must come disguised Cherubino. The count goes on the hunt, and the Countess Suzanne take this opportunity to change the page in women’s clothes, but the count returns unexpectedly early. Cherubino in horror jumps out of the window. Susanna hides in the bathroom, and when the Countess admits her husband that she hid her lover a pageboy in the room, there he finds only laughing Suzanne. The girl explains that they specifically decided to play count, blinded by jealousy, but did not pay affection to his wife. Appears Figaro, and women say the graph that this young landlord or custodian wrote him a note. Count in repentance asking for forgiveness and seems all should do, but at this moment there is a gardener and says that a man fell from the window of this room. It makes the paper that fell from the pocket of the escaped man. This is an order appointing a pageboy Cherubino in the regiment. Figaro manages to get out of a sticky situation: he jumped out the window, and the paper was with him because he was carrying her to the count. Who was to supply the missing print.

Appears Marceline and the count sees it as a weapon of revenge Dodger Figaro. But Marceline suddenly recognizes in his youth was stolen by the Gypsies son. So Figaro gets a loving mother.

The action Comedy “Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro” ends late in the evening, when the Countess, wishing to teach the count a lesson, persuades Suzanne to write a note which the servant asks his master about the date. The Countess is going to come at the appointed time in the Park instead of Suzanne. Figaro, not knowing the true meaning of their venture, falls into a rage. Figaro is hiding near the scene of the alleged date. Found hiding near Susanna, disguised in the dress of the Countess, he knew her, but especially for the count makes a scene of seduction. Enraged Earl, wanting to expose Figaro finds only laughing Susanna and Figaro, and the Countess out of the gazebo to dress Suzanne, denouncing unfaithful husband. Earl repeatedly asks his wife’s forgiveness. The couple will receive a rich dowry.

The reviews on the show and where to watch “the Marriage of Figaro”.

Reviews about the “Marriage of Figaro” were not unambiguous. Someone was impressed with the acting and someone praised well chosen plot, but some of the audience admitted that the show seemed slow. Reviews about the “Marriage of Figaro” can be found on the website of “Snuff” (theater of a name of Oleg Tabakov). If You want to watch online play “Marriage of Figaro”, which you can find on the Internet.

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