New Year celebrations around the WORLD


New Year celebration in Bangkok

The 68-foot tower with a globe on the top provides a light and sound all night long. In the square, near the biggest shopping centre of Bangkok, collected more than 200 thousand people, who take each other’s hands and count down the seconds until the New Year.

Fountains spew water, and beer. Each fountain has its own variety.

Mesmerizing traditional Thai dances and folk music in the historic centre of the city. A large number of people and the incredible fireworks show that appears in the sky at midnight on the banks of the Menam river-the Chao Phraya.


New Year celebration in Berlin. Show Welcome

The majority of the inhabitants of Berlin to celebrate the New Year outdoors. The townspeople claim that Berlin hosts the largest New year celebration in the world.

Every year about a million people going between the Columns of Victory and the Brandenburg gate. Colorful lasers illuminate the sky, and the soundtrack (for the most part roar pop stars) provide powerful speakers installed throughout the city. Of course, the Germans are law-abiding and light the fireworks only in designated areas and under the supervision of the police, but they like to joke. So don’t be surprised if you buy a jelly donut, and there will be mustard.

If you need a break, you can drop into one of the many sausage tents. There you will be offered a free bench and a variety of Bavarian sausages. But if you want to see a fireworks show, your road lies to the Boulevard Unter den Linden, which offers a wonderful view of the Berlin sky.

South Africa

Minstrel show in Cape town

In Cape town celebrate two New years.

This is because in the 18th century, the 2nd of January was held “a Day free from slavery”. Moreover, this second new year in South Africa is celebrated no less main. 13 thousand minstrels paint their face white to the Cape town minstrels festival. Dressed in red and blue robes, they will go from Keizersgracht street through the town square to the street Rose, holding umbrellas and musical instruments.

In addition: You can watch the procession of minstrels from one of the many cafes on the streets through which the procession goes. Minstrels stop near the most decorated buildings and other performances.


New Year celebrations in Edinburgh

In the capital of Scotland each New Year passes fiery four-day festival, which is called “Hogmanay”.

On the last Saturday before the New Year procession with torches marched through the streets Princes to sorokafutovogo boat, stylized Viking ship parked to the Calton hill, where her solemnly and burn.

In the New Year across the city are lit indie rockers, which are located in many gardens.

Lovers of tradition will find the party in the national style. Bagpipes, kilts and Scottish folk songs will be there in large numbers. And, of course, lots of whiskey.

And at midnight, the whole city as one would delay “Auld Lang Syne”. The sight is awesome!!!

Hong Kong

Celebrate the New Year on the waterfront in Hong Kong

On the promenade along the shore of Tsim Sha Tsui every New Year hang declarations of love to their loved ones, and Hong Kong stars leave imprints of their hands, near the statue of Bruce Lee in full size. The wish can leave any, and it will hang until the next New Year. Here you will watch the light show, organized on the roofs of 44 buildings. About midnight will start the fireworks show that lights up the tallest building in the city.

If you want memorable experiences, then you can take a ride on the ferry “Star Light”, which starts with the same Tsim Sha Tsui, and the Board offers free soft drinks and snacks.

Las Vegas

New Year celebration in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas celebrating the new year as they only know how.

With crazy stunts, eye-popping light show and performances by the famous entertainer.

Most views are absolutely free, for example, an eight-minute fireworks show fired from seven skyscrapers.

As for other performances, like of motorcycle stunt in a 14-foot balloon, you will have to pay a certain amount of dollars.

The monorail Las Vegas you can travel around the city and have time to look through everything.

New Orleans

New Year celebration in New Orleans

New Orleans takes over the celebration of the New Year from new York city. Balloon in the shape of a baby elephant Jumbo drops at midnight at the Jax brewery. His descent marks the beginning of booze throughout the night in the French quarter.

Over Jackson square immediately after the fall of the balloon will spread the hymns of football teams, and the sky will be painted in their colors.

In addition: You can go on a sightseeing tour of the city on the free ferries that start at Canal Street and running to Algiers Point. On it you will be able to see all the new year’s fireworks. The ferry runs every half hour until midnight.


The celebration of New Year in Reykjavik

Icelandic law allows fireworks to absolutely everyone, so a night in Reykjavik turns into a solid artillery cannonade. Elves, trolls, dwarves and other costumed creatures perform dances around bonfires in 11 locations around the city.

It is worth noting that in the new year night all the bars of Reykjavik open immediately after midnight.

The easiest and warmest way to celebrate the new year in Reykjavik and see – to take a special tour. The organizers which will take you close to all major fires and offer midnight a glass of wine for very little cost.


New Year celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana Beach

On a three-kilometre beach of Copacabana you can find over two million partygoers parties, dressed in traditional white outfits. Carioca (the so-called local residents) make offerings of red roses and white gladioli to Iemanja, goddess of the waters, before night dancing. Brazilian dances, mostly under the national Brazilian songs include four different Samba school that won a contest at a recent Carnival.

In addition: You probably expect a passionate night, if you’re dressed in red and will be relaxed and sexeskapaden.


New Year celebration in Sydney

Due to the geographical location the largest city of Australia is one of the first major cities that will welcome the New Year. The festival is usually a huge fireworks show and a colorful lighting effects, start on the bridge over Sydney Harbour.

The celebration begins with volley guns at Fort Denison. View on the beach attracted a large crowd of people in t-shirts and shorts, as well as natives in traditional dress.

When the city descends darkness, more than 50 ships with light equipment nutnut cruising on Sydney Harbour, creating a light and sound design holiday.

And Sydney national Park takes everyone to watch the new year fireworks. Just need to find space to put your towel there. More comfortable place to watch the show very difficult to find.

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