Midsummer Festival

We all love new year’s celebration for its elegance and magic of new year’s eve, make a wish, believe that the sacrament will happen and what happens to those who believe. It is unfortunate that in the turmoil of revolutions and reconstructions we have forgotten that since ancient times in Russia was the great holiday of Ivan Kupala . And this holiday is no less mystical and magical than Christmas. This holiday is celebrated at night. It’s a night of magic and mysticism.

The Holiday Of Ivan Kupala.

The Midsummer festival has its roots in antiquity. At that time people worshiped different Gods, including the God of the summer solstice – Kupala. It was believed that this God is the patron for love, marriage and continuation of the human race. Because of very important aspects of human life, people are very revered this God, and the feast was truly popular and celebrated all of the Slavic world. In Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine is still celebrating. Unfortunately, we have not forgotten. And for good reason!

When Rus ‘ Christianity, then, as always, Ministers of religion could not at once be eradicated folk festivals, but they were replaced by its value. So it was with many national holidays (read here). And now, this afternoon it was decided to celebrate the birthday of John the Baptist. But this day does not jibe with a cheerful celebration of Midsummer, with its special flavor of mysticism and magic. Perhaps that is why he started to lose its charm.

Midsummer festival formerly celebrated on June 24 . so in the days of the summer solstice, when the longest days and the shortest nights. This was the summer solstice. The beauty of nature in the Prime of their strength. Beautiful, warm, nature generously gave people fruit is the most fertile time for celebration. However, with the introduction of the new calendar this feast was moved to July 7 . It’s not quite the same natural factors associated with the solstice. In many countries it is still celebrated on 24 June, our believers also celebrate it on this day. Well, we used to live in the new calendar.

But no matter, and on 7 July, the days are long, nights are short, and the summer solstice, happy with their bounty. Important in maintaining the meaning of the holiday. It is a celebration of the elements of Fire and Water. These two elements since ancient times was considered to be cathartic, they were called and used for purification and protection from evil spirits and ailments. No magic ritual was not carried out without these two elements. And here on the night of Ivan Kupala recruited these elements to clean from evil, disease, all negative. On the eve of all soared in the bath. All wreaths of wild flowers and herbs. Wreaths after the holiday, as charged magical energy magical Midsummer night, kept as a talisman throughout the year.

Night all together went into the woods to the water bodies for national celebrations. Ate, sang songs, danced, danced, and all this happened around a huge bonfire. People these moments have been connected by one hope, one quest for happiness and joy. The energy of joy, happiness, kindness resonated, amplified, and fed each participant in this celebration of life. People become kinder, more tolerant to each other, felt the unity.

It was then, and started various purifying rites. In the fire of fires burned all the old, making room for the new. In the fire burned the clothes of the infected people to improve their health. When all was burnt unnecessary, began a new Ordinance. Couples jumped over the fire to strengthen love and marriage, girls that want to meet Mr. right. Leaping all, each with their own secret desire.

I want eternal love, take your beloved’s hand and jump together over the fire. Hurt foot fire – wait disorder. Don’t want to jump another 9 times a mood for harmony and love. This ritual people programmed in the subconscious of your feelings in the moment, and they really strengthened for years to come.

Want to keep healthy, jump over the fire, and all diseases at once will leave you. Tripped – this illness need to work hard and jump through the fire 9 times. And to jump with a positive thought about health. Thus the program of the disease in the subconscious replaced health program. And now we know that the subconscious mind is able to implement any program, if only we were satisfied and happy.

Want to become richer and more successful, jump over the fire 3 times. Be sure to make a wish. Without bright emotions here can not do. Today we know that the desire painted with bright emotions, always true and very fast. The more that people during the holiday open locked doors for her soul, and she knows what we need for complete happiness.

After successfully jumping all rushed to the water bodies, requested the element of Water too to wash away all the negativity and charge it with healing energy. Unmarried girls were throwing wreaths and watch where it will go from there and matchmakers have to wait. If crown was drowning, the wedding of an emergency do not wait.

It was believed that herbs on this night, gained a special magical power. So women gathered herbs for the future, then dried them, sanctified and used in diseases. Periwinkle gathered girls to guys bewitch, St. John’s wort gathered on this night, may all negative programs (the evil eye, damage, spell) to clear. Lovage will give eternal beauty and attractiveness to men.

Pregnant women were collected nettles, series, thyme and other herbs, then to bathe the newborn. According to their belief, the child is strong and healthy, and the girls became beautiful. And now we know what we believe, and comes into our lives. This is the law of the Universe, which we always forget and then wonder why so few pleasures in life.

On this night, the man prepared brooms for a bath. But especially all tried to find a fern flower. It was believed that he had blossomed only this night, the color was like bright flames. All who find him, endowed with magical powers. They could understand the birds and the beasts, to see the future, heal. Collected Midsummer night grass, laid out in the house for cleaning of the house, and on the threshold, that evil could not penetrate into their home.

Women washed in the morning dew with the words: “Midsummer water and let the beauty wash”. This ritual made women beautiful and attractive to men. Then the dew collected in bottles and used for the same purposes that we use Epiphany Holy water.

That’s what all could happen in this mysterious night. And we undeservedly forgotten this truly national holiday. It would be good to revive this holiday body and soul!

This holiday is very positive and beautiful, magical power he really has. It is a public holiday positive people. All the people together produce a positive thought-forms in the world, the cleansing it. Medicinal herbs by this time gaining his maximum healing power. And the powerful elements of Fire and Water help people to clear their subtle body from the negative charge and positive healing energy. In the subtle world many forces of our Universe, and powerful, for which we can hope, if we believe in them and encourage them. That’s why this night can cleanse us by the magnitude of negative charge and positive energy, to give impetus to renewal and change in their lives. Practically, a person undergoes the same processes that occur during Epiphany bathing. Apparently, the water these days has a special power.

At another time I will tell you more how to work with all the Elements to facilitate our lives, helping to maintain health, become more successful and richer and find the joy of being . Keep up to date on new topics, and you won’t miss interesting information. And for this, subscribe to site news and will be in the mail to receive information about new topics.

And perceive how the holiday of Ivan Kupala you, my dear guests? Do you like this holiday? How do you celebrate it?

With best regards and wishes you good and happiness. Tatiana.

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