Unusual holidays in Latin America

Carnival! In order to take part in a festive procession in the beginning of February, the streets of their cities facing millions of Latin Americans. So in Bonao, which is located in the Dominican Republic, is one of the most brilliant and fiery carnivals in the world. It usually starts on the 7th of February and lasts until March 14. Colorful carnival recognized as a masterpiece. In 2001, the year he was included by UNESCO in 2001 to the list of oral and intangible heritage of humanity. In Colombia, the carnival, though not as widespread, but no less memorable than in Brazil. In Barranquilla there are parades begin on the second Saturday of February and last for weeks. Until the closing of the carnival did not fade away to the rhythms of cumbia and do not stop dancing. Traditional festivities are held in Ecuador. In Ecuadorian carnival is considered to drench each other with water. It is remarkable that this custom is typical for Peru, where the carnival lasts for all four weekends of February.

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Ten of the best carnivals of the world

And although the origin of the carnival is not fully understood – someone thinks that it originated in Ancient Egypt, others refer it to the era of the heyday of the Roman Empire, though there is no doubt that the carnival has become one of the brightest and most popular holidays on Earth. From South to North and from West to East, it goes through countries and continents, year after year and century after century, each time getting more and more flavor and originality.

Not always easy to come to a consensus, making the rating of the top ten carnivals in the world. However, we offer readers ten festivals, which, we believe, for various reasons. So:

Rio de Janeiro

Chariots, masks, riot of colour, music and, especially, Samba are the main components of the famous Brazilian carnival. Thousands of people go through the sambadrome surrounded by a huge number of people that come from different ends of the planet. Annually participate in the celebration of 5 million people, of whom about one million tourists.

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