International festival of Slavic culture

The festival is held once in two years . organized for the purpose of preservation and development of international cultural cooperation and strengthening of friendly relations between the Slavic peoples, the promotion and development of original music, song, dance, festive-ritual culture, fine arts and decorative applied art of the peoples of Russia and neighboring countries. The festival is attended by creative teams from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, representing different types and genres of popular culture (instrumental, music, song, dance) and masters of decorative-applied art.

Hotmess meant much in the history of the Council of Pereyaslav and the life of the Moscow state. During the national liberation war of Ukrainian people against the Polish-gentry oppression Hotmess was the advanced post of Russia, through which correspondence was carried on Bohdan Khmelnytsky with Moscow. Since 1997 every two years, in September days, on the picturesque Bank of the river Vorskla, the walls of resurrection Church, ‘m an Amateur creative collectives of song, dance, music from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Yugoslavia (2001), Poland

The founder of the Slavic feast was the administration of the Belgorod region, Department of social policy and the regional Department of culture and the main contractor – Belgorod state folk art center and the Department of culture of Borisov district.

Since 2001, the festival was included in the target program «the Development and preservation of culture and arts, Belgorod region in 2001-2005″, in addition, to address specific organizational and creative questions by resolution of the Governor of the Belgorod region approved a Plan of preparation and holding of the international festival of Slavic culture “Hammersky autumn”, the organizing Committee and the budget plan for the preparation of the festival is constantly monitored, both by the Governor and of the organizing Committee.

III, IV, V and VI festivals took place with the financial support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation under the program of “Culture”. Since 2006, he’s given the official status of the international.

At the first festival of the head of administration of region E. S. Savchenko and A. Demin, O. – the head of the state administration of Kharkiv oblast signed an agreement on cooperation in the sphere of science, education and culture between regions. With words of welcome addressed Archbishop John of Belgorod and Stary Oskol and Metropolitan of Kharkov and Bogodukhov Nicodemus.

E. S. Savchenko welcomes guests at every festival and every festival welcomed in different years Plenipotentiary of the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin, the Deputy Minister of education of the Russian Federation – V. Kovrizhnykh, head of administration of the Kharkiv region – Kushnarev, E. P. (2001); speaker of the State Duma – G. N. Seleznev, Deputy mayor of Kiev Ukraine – B. Yalova, Chairman of the house of representatives of the national Assembly of the Republic of Belarus – A. Popov (2003); Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of the Council of Slavic peoples of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine – Yu Dergausov, Chairman of the Executive Committee in Ukraine the Council of the Cathedral of the Slavic peoples of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine – S. N. Kiyashko, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Kharkov – A. I. Yakovlev (2005) and other distinguished guests.

International festival of Slavic culture gaining authority and power. He became popular among creative teams Slavic States. The festival has its own symbols: the flag, emblem and song. With the hoisting of the flag of the festival on the stage of a huge auditorium under the open sky begins festive effect.

With the masters you can meet, hold their products in your hands and see the mystery of the birth of new items. “take care of your cultural roots. In them – the wisdom of the millennia. They nourish our culture, serve as a source of its development. Attach the friendship between the brotherly Slavic peoples. Only friendship, close cooperation and mutual assistance can make our people spiritually richer and stronger” are the words from the Message that appealed to the participants of the II international festival to those who will live in the third Millennium. The message was concluded in the “time Capsule”. The capsule has invested in resurrection Church wall and closed his commemorative plaque.

In the days of the IV festival in Belgorod hosted the II international economic forum of the three countries Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. This is a very significant event for our region. The forum participants were the guests of the festival ’s Hammersky autumn”.

The V festival coincided with the 300th anniversary since the birth of the patron Saint of the Russian land of Saint Joasaph. Early morning at the walls of resurrection Church the divine Liturgy and the consecration of the cross in memory of Saint Joasaph. For the Liturgy came and participants of the festival.

VI festival was dedicated to the 280 anniversary of the Belgorod province, VII festival – the 300th anniversary of Poltava battle. Programme of festivals is very full: meetings, tours Belgorod, concerts in the districts. These days become a real celebration of folk songs, folk music, folk soul. During the festival, welcoming and cozy home for the participants was the resort “Beautifully”, which is surrounded by wonderful pine forests, magnificent birch groves and oak forests. Participants of the festival-2009 is located in the Congress hotel «AMOK” city of Belgorod, which allowed them in the framework of the cultural program to see the sights of the City of the First salute.

Diplomas of the festival, memorial gifts, sympathy of the audience, the warmth and caring of the organizers, the holiday atmosphere, the bright light of the fire of friendship is taken by the participants of the festival in their towns and villages of Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia.

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