Festival “stars of autumn-2012” is held in the Polish resort town of Zywiec in southern Poland, on the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The town of żywiec is located in a picturesque area on the shores of lake Mountains at the foot of the Beskidy mountains. The festival is open to all talented children who love to sing, dance and play on stage. In addition to competitive performances festival guests can visit Krakow, Wieliczka, Oswencym, or devote an entire day to travel to Bratislava and Vienna. Festival “stars of autumn-2012” will make the fall of 2012 a memorable one!

The house of culture, city of żywiec zdrój, Poland

Fund “Polska Laczy”, Petrakovitz NYSE, Poland

Information support in the CIS countries:

Publication “Musical Klondike”, Moscow, Russia

The aim of the festival:

– exchange of creative achievements and experience of participants from different countries of Europe;

– to promote the work of young talents;

– promotion of the unity of different national cultures;

– creation of conditions for great holiday, creative communication and identify talented and promising children and youth;

– the establishment of creative contacts between teams and their leaders;

– preservation and development of national cultures, the strengthening of international relations and cooperation through culture and creativity;

– engagement with children’s choirs leading specialists of culture and art workers;

– improvement of professional skills and qualification of leaders of creative teams.

The dates and programme of the festival:

Recommended program – 5 days/4 nights (Arrival of participants October 25 at dinner. Participants depart on October 29 after Breakfast)

25.10.2012 coming to dinner, resettlement

26.10.2012 – rehearsals, the opening of the festival and competition program (part 1)

27.10.2012 – competitive performances

28.10.2012 – free time, a gala concert and awarding ceremony

29.10.2012 – departure after Breakfast

Age categories:

from 6 to 11 years 12 to 15 years, 16 to 20 years.

– Frame age categories may vary depending on applications received

– Team in each age category up to 30% of younger or older than the specified age limits. For example, in the team participating in the nomination of the younger age group can be up to 30% of its members under 6 years of age or older than 11 years.

Nominations of the festival:

– the vocal art(folk song,folk music,pop music, theatre songs, choral singing);

– dance(folk dance and folk songs, classical and pop dance);

– theatres mod


– fine art

Organizational and technical requirements:

Singers (soloists, duets, ensembles) present two contrasting pieces with a total duration of not more than 7 minutes.

– Choirs present a program (at least three contrasting pieces) for a total duration of no more than 10 minutes.

– Instrumental ensembles present a program (at least three contrasting pieces) for a total duration of no more than 10 minutes.

Soloists instrumental genre represent two contrasting pieces with a total duration of not more than 7 minutes.

– Dance groups represent two numbers in one category for a total duration of not more than 7 minutes

– Theater groups are compositionally complete performance no longer than 15 minutes.

– Fashion theatres are competitive program (two collections) for a total duration of no more than 10 minutes.

– In the nomination “fine arts”:

a) Home team project “festival Poster”

– for the day of arrival

b) still life

– plein air festival. Work can be performed in different styles and techniques: drawing, watercolor, gouache, pastel, oil. Run time – up to 3 hours.

in Home individual work “Landscapes of my homeland”

– The picture may can be executed in different techniques and styles: including in grisaille, coal, sauce, pencil, ink, sanguine, Sepia.

Each work must be signed by the pattern:

XED KORKOVA (or the name of the school in the case of team competition)





– Each team and the contractor provides the soundtrack on CD And mini-disc.

– Each record must be on a separate carrier, with name of work, name of the ensemble (name of contractor) and the duration of the work.

– Performances are not allowed vocalists in the competition program to the soundtrack of “plus”.

– Preparation and holding of the Festival by the organizing Committee.

– The organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying royalties to the participants and guests of the contest) audio and video recordings, printed and other kind of products produced at the time of conducting the activities of the competition and its results.

– The staff is required to have an appropriate number of escorts (20 children + 1 leader), which is issued notarized authorization from both parents to leave the child abroad and who are solely responsible for the safety of life and health of children.

– For publishing the article about the team (the soloist) information on the website of the organizers of the festival and for preparation of posters of the festival when applying you must provide an information sheet, which must include a biography, interesting facts from the life of the group (soloist), two color photographs (transferred electronically).

– Matters not covered by this Regulation, have the right to address the Committee.


All festival participants will be awarded with memorable prizes and Diplomas.

The winners in the nominations in each age category will be awarded with Cups and Diplomas of Laureates 1, 2, 3 degrees.

Winner audience award receives a commemorative certificate and a trophy. The absolute winner of the festival receives Cup Grand-Prix and Diploma of Grand-Prix.

The accreditation procedure:

Applications for participation are accepted until September 15

Along with the application team send your creative CV and 2 pictures ( in electronic format) no later than September 15,

If the team needed thank you letters to sponsors from orgkomiteta of the festival, the team sends the data to the sponsor no later than October 1,


> Accommodation in 2-4 bedded rooms in hotels at a maximum distance of 30 km from the venue of the festival;

> Breakfast-dinner

> Providing the auditorium and the stage for performances;

> Installation of sound and lighting equipment;

> Diploma of participation for each participant;

> Thank you letters to Your sponsors and managers;

> the advertising campaign of the festival;

– 19 participants + 1 group leader free of charge (supervisor fails to pay the fees),

– 33 + 2 free leader (leaders do not pay the fees),

– 44 + 3 free leader (leaders do not pay the fees)

The participation cost does not include:

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