Holiday hairstyle for girls short

All little girls are big dreamers they imagine themselves as princesses or Queens and love to wear her mother’s clothes. Trying to repeat all adults, young ladies wish to have beautiful styling. Independently they certainly create them unlikely to succeed. But their moms can easily bring the tale to life and at home to create a beautiful image with your own hands. Holiday hairstyle for girls is very diverse, but they all depend on longer tresses little ladies. As in adult pilings, in children there are three lengths: short hairstyles, medium length and long.

Variations of long-haired fashionistas

Perhaps the widest selection of holiday hairstyles exist specifically for this subgroup. Beautiful kids hairstyles you can create using conventional weaving or tails with ribbons and bows, headbands and chic accessories.

High ponytail

Tail — one of those hairstyles that are called fast. When you have less time, and to transform a girl need in a matter of minutes, this scheme is just for you. For it will need only an elastic and comb.

Gather hair into a tight high ponytail and let one of the lower strand.

Secure the hair with a rubber band.

Take the left strand and twist it tight plait.

Wrap the tourniquet around the gum and tail. Tip hair discreetly hide under the rubber band.

Your hairstyle is ready! Kind and usual high ponytail, and at the same time quite beautiful due to unusual fixation.

The spike in the opposite direction

Festive hairstyles from braids look particularly solemn. Light netting can be transformed beyond recognition with the help of additional accessories. One of the most popular braids for girls is the spikelet. Surely, every mother knows how to weave. But if you point it in the opposite direction, the hair will produce unusual and festive.

Divide drop it on top in three pieces.

Begins to weave fishtail, only if you create a conventional weaving new strands are laid on top of the previous one, in which case they are laid under the bottom.

Thus, the weaving step by step loose hair in the braid, creates beautiful volume spike.

Secure the result with a rubber band or barrette. If necessary, the hairdo can be decorated with flowers or bright pins.


Holiday hairstyle for girls is quite often associated with beautiful gentle baby curls. To create such hairstyles you can use curlers or Curling iron. As everyone knows, tongs put the hair strong enough temperatures, and in curlers little fashionista long to hatch will not. So, what will you choose – it depends entirely on the child.

Comb her hair back and attach them. The intensity of a wave depends on the desired result. If necessary gentle light waves, try to touch only the ends of your hair.

If you wish to receive lush curly hair, the hair is wound from the roots.

And so, your curls are ready. Take a beautiful ribbon or armband. Now you can find a wide variety of accessories for children’s hair.

Put the headband on top of hair so that it framed the crown of the head. Looks like the styling is very festive and gently.

Variations for medium length hair

Many moms prefer to choose medium length hair for girls, for them, indeed, easier to maintain, and they look no worse than long curls. Children festive hairstyles for medium hair are quite diverse.

French braid

To create a French braid you will need a good perseverance of your baby. Subsequently the hang of it, you are going to create in five minutes.

Comb her hair to one side and pick the three strands at his temple.

Start braiding, gradually adding new strands on one side of the hair.

KOs should go along the forehead, side of face strands are added.

Thus, duplicite to another temple and secure the braid with a hair clip. You will get unusual headband pretty neat braids, which complements his temple chic accessory.

If desired, the free ends of the curls, you can cheat and create a light wave .

The beam

Now in Vogue to gather hair at the nape and twist into a bun. Little beauties don’t want to keep up with their mothers and therefore, this type of styling should especially like it.

Gather hair in a ponytail at the crown.

With a roller to create a beam shape into a loose ponytail and secure at the gum. How to create a beam must be strictly adhered to, then you will get exactly what you want.

To complement such styling can be a beautiful flower, inserted in the beam. Or to put around him gorgeous headband rhinestones.

Complex weave

Festive hairstyles with weave is one of the most advantageous options.

Divide shock of hair evenly, leaving centre in the middle of the top of head.

Choose from the middle of the three strands and begin to braid her hair. She must go on a course of hair growth, rounding out.

One way step by step new woven strands, creating a circle.

Thus, to finish the styling you have as close to the face.

Fix the result of a barrette and, if necessary, garnish with accessory.

Variations for short hair

Children festive hairstyles for short hair is pretty easy to create.


Harnesses are one of the easiest and fastest type of styling that does not require any additional devices.

Divide your hair into two halves parted.

On each side of his temple will select a strand.

Twist curl tightly, and off to the nape and secure with a hair clip.

If the length of hair and time, loose curls can be slightly screwed.

Headband hairpins

To create «headband hair clips» you’ll need some small Sarymsakov.

Comb her locks back and optionally, create smaller curls.

Starting from the forehead, choose a thin strand and twisting it into a rope clamp clip.

Do similar a few times. More than flagella and packing-house you have, the prettier it will look hairstyle.

Simple volume

Children’s holiday hairstyle is not always curls and braids. Sometimes it may be a conventional bulk styling, complemented by beautiful headband.

With a hair dryer to create volume at the roots. If the result does not suit you, you can add a light fleece.

Comb her hair back, leaving near the face a few strands.

Lock shock of the rim or dressing.

Little ladies are the fidgets, so in the chair at the hairdresser’s they would be boring to sit and it will not last long. This is why moms should be able to create for their princesses fast festive styling yourself.

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