February 13 – a great day for the world music community. On this day the world celebrates the birthday of the great Russian singer Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin, whose name to this day is the standard of the performing arts. Acting in conjunction with the meticulousness of vocals allowed Chaliapin to create a vivid stage images, which in our time are unsurpassed masterpieces. Feodor Chaliapin became the first Russian artist who has attained international recognition, and one of the best “ambassadors of culture of Russia– all over the world.

The Fund ’s talents of the world”, highly honoring outstanding achievements by the great planetary scale, holds the First world bass Chaliapin festival. The solemn opening of the festival will be marked by a concert “parade of the best basses”, which will be held on 4 February 2015 at the Svetlanov Hall of Moscow international House of music, then these concerts will be held in other big cities of Russia and abroad at the most prestigious venues, Opera theatres and concert halls. The concerts will participate Symphony orchestras and the best conductors in the world. The final concert of the Festival will be held on February 17, 2015 in the Great hall of St. Petersburg Philharmonic. Further, this concert will be presented at the Tbilisi Opera and ballet theatre (Georgia), on the Opera stages of Poland (due to the fact that 2015 is the year of Poland in Russia), Israel and the United States of America.

In the “Parade bass” attended by the most renowned artists of today, stars of the best Opera houses. This concert is a real Herculean the lists, which will feature voices from bass-baritone to its stunning rokocoko Nizami bass profundo. Like the intricate pattern of a kaleidoscope, the most famous Opera arias will change your favorite songs and daring folk songs.

World bass Shalyapin’s festival will be held annually, starting.

Planned activity is fully consistent with the goals and objectives of the Federal target program “Culture of Russia (2012-2018)” in the development of the creative potential of the nation and ensure broad access for all social groups to the values of national and world culture, maintain the high prestige of Russian culture abroad and expansion international cultural cooperation, as in the concerts of the Festival will be attended by the best bass of today – our compatriots, representing the Russian culture on the best Opera stages of the world, and foreign performers whose names are known to classical music lovers in Europe and America who have become fans of Russian art, having adapted to the work of F. Chaliapin. On stage will act as a glorified masters of vocals, and talented young performers, for whom the most authoritative critics around the world have recognized the future of the world of Opera. In the concerts of the Festival will take part also the domestic and foreign orchestras Opera houses and conductors from Russia and from abroad.

As the world bass Chaliapin festival planned to be held in all major cities of Russian Federation, it will have an undoubted public interest on the whole territory of Russia and, of course, should be the event of Federal significance. On the other hand, those subjects who will have the honor to take the Festival events, you can imagine the concerts not only in their jurisdiction orchestras, and conductors, and vocalists of the theatres, which this project will be touring not only in Russia but also abroad.

The Fund ’s talents of the world” has considerable experience in conducting such activities, existing on the principles of self-financing for over 12 years and drawing on the contributions of the leading singers and musicians of the highest level. During the existence of the Fund was held over 1,500 events with participation of the leading soloists of the largest Opera theatres in Russia, Europe and the USA.

Because of the significance of the project is appropriate to apply the accumulated positive experience of the use of public-private partnerships to solve complex tasks on the basis of interdepartmental coordination of activity of Executive authorities of all levels, business and cultural institutions.

Thus, the world bass Shalyapin’s festival will contribute to:

– to strengthen the unity of the cultural space of Russia,

– popularization of Opera and vocal music among the wider population, as the repertoire of the great Chaliapin will be filled with a great scene masters of our time,

– creation of favorable conditions for integration of Russian culture in the world cultural process by attracting foreign performers and tours of our players abroad

– the development of aesthetic education of youth,

– to ensure the competitiveness of young performers in a free labour market, including on an international scale.

Cities of the First world bass Chaliapin festival on the territory of the Russian Federation:

1. Moscow, Svetlanov hall of Mihm;.

2. Saransk, State music theatre.Yausheva Of The Republic Of Mordovia;.

3. Saratov, Saratov academic Opera and ballet theatre;.

4. Izhevsk, the Opera and ballet Theater of the Udmurt Republic;.

5. Cheboksary, Chuvashia state theatre of Opera and ballet;.

6. Petrozavodsk, Great hall of the Karelian state Philharmonic;.

7. St. Petersburg, the Great hall of St. Petersburg academic Philharmonic.

Planned number of participants of the project:

Alexander VEDERNIKOV, State academic Bolshoi theatre of Russia;

Mati PALM, ’ s Opera & ballet “Estonia”;

Gennady BEZZUBENKOV, Russian Federation – Mariinsky theatre

Denis SEDOV – “the Metropolitan Opera” (new York, USA); «La Scala” (Milan, Italy); “colon” Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Vladimir KUDASHEV, honored.the art of the Russian Federation – the State academic Bolshoi theatre of Russia; MT “the New Opera” them.E.Kolobov;

Vladimir OGNEV, honored.the art of the Russian Federation – the State academic Bolshoi theatre of Russia; Novosibirsk State academic Opera and ballet theatre ;

Alexander KISELEV ” IMT “Helikon-Opera”;

Stanislav SHVETS ” IMT “Helikon-Opera”; Mariinsky theatre

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