Festival of Festivals “We are one, we are Russia! “

The organizers – the Department of social policy of the Oryol region, the Department of education and youth policy of Administration of the Oryol region, and HE “United Russia”, the Center of students ‘Compass’


The festival is organized pursuant to the regional comprehensive programme “Youth of the region (2006-2010)” development of Amateur student creativity, to identify and support talented young people, within The nationwide project, Festival of Festivals “We are one, we are Russia” . aimed at the revival of civic values and promote the ideas of patriotism among the youth.

The goals and objectives of the festival:

– support of Amateur creativity of students and faculty of educational institutions of Orel and Orel region;

– creation of conditions for sustainable development of talented young people;

– strengthen students ‘ traditions and meet the needs of students in creative communication;

– wide promotion of all types and genres Amateur, artistic creativity and the formation of aesthetic values among students;

– engagement with a team of leading specialists of culture and art workers;

The conditions of the festival:

The festival is attended by students, postgraduates, teaching staff of higher educational institutions of Orel and Orel region in the following genres:

– miniature pop (original student of the action, the style of the WHC . the theaters are small forms, Stems);

– dance (folk dance and folk songs, classical and pop dance, modern choreography);

– vocal performance (pop, folk, song, folk song);

– classical music artists:

– a student theater mod:

journalism and video (best material about student problems; the best material about the festival “Golden autumn”);

– young artists and photographers.

In the framework of the Festival of Festivals “We are one, We – Russia” is a separate category – “Patriots of the region” . which, in turn, allocated:

– vocal performance of Patriotic nature

– choreographic performance of a Patriotic orientation

For the festival “Golden autumn” by the organizing Committee jury is formed with the involvement of experts in all genres of Amateur art and the organization of leisure of youth.

The stages of the festival:

1. Qualifying stage – but is represented categories among students of educational institutions on the ground, inviting members of the organizational Committee of the festival and the jury.

Venue – educational institutions of the city and region

2. The opening ceremony – welcome address by the leaders of the region; presentation of the jury; the presentation of contestants who have submitted applications for participation; demonstration performance of creative collectives of the city of eagle.

3. The competition is held among applicants participants for each of the submitted nominations. The jury announces the results of the contest, shall submit to the Committee the performance on the assignment of soloists, ensembles, and authors the title of prize-winner and laureate of the Festival on each of the nominations and announce the results, submit a proposal to the organizing Committee but the preparation for the gala concert.

4. Gala concert . In a gala concert attended by winners and laureates of the festival.

The winners of the soloists, bands, authors, 2nd and 3rd places.

Prize winning soloists, bands, authors, won the first place and won the Grand Prix.

According to the results of the contest winners in each nomination are awarded

diplomas, certificates, chain gifts.

Criteria for evaluating speeches:

Participants are assessed in each category.

Assessment criteria the dance numbers:

– the skill and technique of the movements.

– compositional structure number;

the repertoire according to the age peculiarities of performers;

– theatrical (plastic, costume, props, culture of performance);

– selection and correspondence of musical and choreographic material;

– the artistry, the disclosure of the artistic image.

Evaluation criteria vocal performers:

– matching repertoire age and ability of the contractor;

– culture and stage movement;

– purity of intonation and sound quality;

– beauty of tone and strength of voice;

– the complexity of the repertoire;

– mastery.

Evaluation criteria theater groups (represent small theatrical forms, solo performances, sketches, scenes from plays or playbook):

– completeness and expressiveness of the topic of the work;

– disclosure and brightness of artistic images, the performance level

– the decoration of the play, props;

– diction and the skill of the actors;

the repertoire according to the age peculiarities of the performers.

Evaluation criteria fashion theatre:

– stage movement ;

– selection of repertoire in accordance with age;

– theatrical (plastic, costume, culture of performance );

– music;

– the originality of the costumes .

Evaluation criteria circus groups (the circus song ) and soloists (plastic etude . acrobatics, balancing acts . antipode, rubber, Jonglei . clowning, etc):

– level circus training and performance skills ;

technical possibilities of the performers ;

– artistry, theatrical (plastic, costume, culture of performance);

– creative approach to the selection of the repertoire;

– the complexity of the executable program ;

– artistic design of the program, props.

Evaluation criteria of instrumental ensembles (duet, trio, Quartet, etc) and soloists :

– mastery of the instrument;

– purity of intonation and musical structure;

– the complexity of the repertoire and arrangements;

– possession of a dynamic palette of sound;

– musicality . artistry, artistic interpretation of the musical composition;

Award winners:

The winners in each category will be awarded with Diplomas of the 1st degree, the winners are awarded with Diplomas of winners of 2 and 3 degrees.

Winner audience award receives a commemorative certificate. The absolute winner of the festival receives the diploma of the Grand Prix.

State, public organizations and associations, mass media, festival sponsors can set up special prizes for the participants of the festival.

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