Classic catering is the strangest

People in different parts of the world in a special way are the products and food. Each corner of our planet has a distinctive traditions and etiquette of table manners. However, there come those moments when we all want at least some time to forget about all the rules and go on an interesting journey, which hides a lot of interesting things. The opportunity to plunge into the rich world of food and to try the most unusual and sometimes even bizarre foods will allow the food festival. Such events generally are held not to somehow pay tribute to respect nature for what she has given us so many delicious foods. It is, rather, a contest in which to Express themselves. In fact, it’s a real holiday meal. And what menu would you prefer, and whatever dishes didn’t love most of all, these festivals will revolutionize your idea of cooking.

Which only products will not find here. So do not be surprised if during a vacation in Hawaii you accidentally visited a food festival dedicated to konservirovannoye sausage mince. This mixture resembles something like a pate. The taste is also disgusting, and the ear. However, as it turned out, the residents of Hawaii consume the largest amount of beef in the world. According to recent statistics, each year in the state consumed more than 7 million cans of the mixture. As a result, such an unhealthy love for this, to put it mildly, a strange product, grew into an annual celebration. This event has received fairly wide publicity and popularity. Therefore, it attracts more than 25,000 visitors from around the world. Each time the organizers try to come up with something new. Although what I can come up with? Like don’t plant sausage meat, oysters he still won’t turn. But this year, cook has surpassed all expectations.

The menu of the festival included, to put it mildly, unusual desserts. It was ice cream from the pie and, most surprisingly, cheesecake, which also includes this ingredient. The main dishes were not so shocking. The participants had the opportunity to taste the ravioli, fries, and other dishes that invariably contain a certain amount of this sausage meat. I have the feeling that if the cooks had more time and opportunity, we should be able to see the more exotic dishes. Who could deny myself the pleasure and not to try, say. Jelly with pate or vegetable cream soup. Joking aside, according to the organizers almost any dish can be cooked with this ingredient. And it doesn’t matter, this dessert, appetizer or main dish.

Of course, not every food festival can please us with such Exotica as pate. Some events presents more down to earth and everyday food. You can often find festivals, held in honour of melons, pumpkins, or even potatoes. Now who will say that saying “just an excuse” is not misplaced? But what you will hear now, will plunge you in an indescribable shock. Did you happen to bring down animals on the road? What you did to the poor animal? Probably just went further. Option is quite acceptable. But not for residents of the city of Pocahontas city in the state of West Virginia. The world fauna is so diverse that there are cases when on the road you meet a moose, for example. Naturally, under such a situation, most accidents happen, drivers can simply not notice the animal. However, instead of having to pass by or at least call veterinary service, residents of this state prefer to eat the beaten animal. How do you mean? Moreover, in this honour is an annual festival with its “speaking” name RoadKill (murder on the road). It would seem that it could be worse. However, it attracts huge number of tourists. Compared to this even the festival of Scorpions in North Carolina seems harmless entertainment.

But that’s not all. Some organizers are just a little food and speed of absorption. They want to say, “succumb to the light”. So at some festivals offer participants additional difficulties and trials. In some cases, you have to compete with head to toe in mud. Most striking in this case the event is the world-famous Spanish festival called La Tomatina. As you can understand from the name, the festival is dedicated to tomato. However, in this day treat the product is not festive. It’s very simple, all the Spaniards in this day stocking up on tomatoes and arrange a real tomato carnage. If you think that you, as a tourist, will be able to remain unharmed. In this action involve everybody. Don’t want to keep. So do not be surprised if some crazy, screaming as he ran by, throw you in big juicy tomato. On this day, this behavior is considered normal.

There is another vegetable, in honor of which people do not mind make a real festive event. As you know, we are talking about potatoes. August 23, in Burnsville, minn., hosts an annual food festival, which is called the Days of Potatoes. Lasts this action two days. Whatever the menu is not prepared by the organizers, it invariably must include the main ingredient. Here you can taste the potato dumplings, pancakes, all possible soups, etc. However, the participants of the festival come here not for food. The main attraction of the festival is the competition. As you know, the main shell is nothing like potatoes. Here with him, doing everything that can come in a normal person’s head. It is clean on the speed, the sword on the range. But there is competition that goes beyond “normal”. Fans of extreme sports and wrestling can try their hand and fight with the opponent in the pool, filled mashed potatoes. This food festival have quite the rich and storied history. He began to arrange in 1951.

And yet, in most countries, the products are treated the way they deserve. For example, on every Easter in the town of Bessler, France, the inhabitants prepare a giant omelette, which you then give to the poor. It is believed that this tradition was started when Napoleon with his troops went to Bessler and stopped for the night. However, he ordered the townspeople to gather all of their eggs and make an omelet for their soldiers.

As you can see, people from different countries have different pay tribute to food and products. Some festivals solely in order to attract tourists or for advertising purposes, others are just fooling around. In any case, these actions are always very bright and memorable.

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