Carnivals in Italy

Historical carnival in Ivrea

Ivrea – Turin

From 6 January to 5 February

From 6 January 2008 began a famous Historical carnival in Ivrea. The carnival, which this year marks 200 years, traditionally opened to the sounds of pipes and drums. In his program numerous parties and events, and the culmination will be fascinating famous and spectacular Orange battle (Battaglia delle Arance – Battaglia delle Arance), who came from the customs of young people, which will unfold on the main squares of the city. Battaglia delle Arance symbolizes the struggle for freedom and is the Central event of the carnival in Ivrea. Thanks to the Orange battle, this Carnival is rightly recognized as one of the main festivals not only in Italy but also in Europe.

Big fun carnival of Busseto

From 20 January to 10 February

January 20, will start the Big fun carnival (Gran Carnevale della Risata – Gran Carnevale della Risata) in Busseto, in the province of Parma. The carnival takes place 127 the second year in a row, and in his program this time is two new ceremonial processions: the first – the competition for the best transformation and the image of the famous “couples” Italian cinema and literature “don Camillo and Peppone”, the second – a contest for the best mask of the King of laughter (Re della Risata – “Re della Risata”). During the weekend that falls on a holiday, you will also see the traditional carnival allegorical carts, performances of jugglers banners «sbandieratori” marching brass bands, masquerade parades, costumed street performers, and enjoy typical dishes of the gastronomic stands. January 27 will be the long-awaited Exit for owners of caravans, on which occasion will be presented the award for the most beautifully decorated van.

Cento: The Carnival Of Europe

Cento – Ferrara

From 20 January to 24 February

In January Sundays 20 and 27 and February 10, 17 and 24 in the town of Cento, belonging to the province of Ferrara will host the Carnival of Europe (Cento Carnevale d’Europa – Cento Carnevale d’Europa). The height of the festival will be a carnival allegorical carts, prepared by the six associations of the Carnival of Cento, who will fight for the main prize of the Carnival.

Carnival of Europe has an ancient history, Dating back to the XVII century, and since 1993 he is twinned with the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. So the Carnival of Cento – holiday merriment that involved all those present, which passionately like mad dancers one of the main Samba schools of Rio de Janeiro.

Venice carnival

From January 25 to January 5

January 25, in the Piazza San Marco opens the famous Venice carnival. This year the Carnival will be called the “Sensation”.(the”Feelings”) and will appear in an updated form. Will all be saved traditional key moments of the Venetian festival, such as the Flight of the dove, and the Feast of Mary, of Great historical procession and the Parade of masks, and radical innovation will be a holiday program, focused primarily on feelings and sensations. Each of the areas of the city (Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce) will correspond to one of the senses, and in the Piazza San Marco is “the sixth sense – the mind”.

The carnival in Viareggio

Viareggio – Lucca

From 20 January to 10 February

Viareggio carnival 135 consecutive years collecting thousands of spectators from all over Italy and from all over the world in 2008 will be devoted to the topics of peace and solidarity.

The protagonists of the festival will be a huge carnival carts of papier-mache parade which is on the seaside parkways will be held on 20, 27 January and 3, 5 and 10 February.

Among the noteworthy resume and domestic political satire. Also, you will see an experimental vehicle, not involved in the overall competition program created by animator Michael Stewart.

The program of theatrical performances, Comedy, wine, culinary and sporting events that take place in the city in a hilarious period of carnival, promises to be eventful and interesting.

Carnival Filedi The Bock (Sons Of Bock)

Castiglion of Fibocchi – Arezzo

January 27 and February 3

XII the Carnival Fili di Bock will last two Sundays: January 27 and February 3. The festival programme – night of the carnival procession, demonstration of magic tricks and magic shows in the city squares, carnival masks Baroque and wine and food stands, all of this will liven up the city in honor of the majestic carnival king “Ryo Bock”. Day 3 of February will take place the award ceremony of the winners of the photo contest on the theme of “the Sons of Bock and Castiglion of Fibocchi” Contest “Queen of masks”.

Youth carnival of Sant ‘ Eraklio

From 27 January to 13 February

Carnival is held in Sant’Eraklio, small Horodotska in the province of Foligno (Umbria), known exactly what he carnival youth. Since the 26th of January (i.e., the third carnival Saturday from the end) until “Maradi Gras” (i.e., Wednesday 13 February) the town becomes “Carnival city” while the Great forty-day fast is not a time puts an end to all amusements. Three Sundays: January 27, 6 and 13 February – will be the culmination of carnival celebrations; these days will be the Corsi Maserati – front driveways are made of papier-mache carnival allegorical wagons accompanied the performances of jugglers, gymnasts, fire eaters and hundreds of mummers. Simultaneously with the carnival will host a volleyball Tournament “2° Trophy Youth carnival” and Osteria del Carnevale.

Carnival in Offida

From 17 January to 5 February

Carnival in Offida, rooted in the depths of the eighteenth century, centered around two key events: hunting “Lu Bov Fint” and carnival’; ‘ I Vlurd’’. The first one opens the festival on the evening of the last carnival Friday. Hunting “Lu Bov Fint” is a bull hunting, in memory of the bullfight, held in Pamplona, Spain. During “I Vlurd” last night of carnival Tuesday (Martedi Gras) residents Office say goodbye to its carnival: they kindle ritual fire represents the burning bundles of reeds and straw, which are paraded through the streets, forming a fiery snake that crosses the entire city. This is an ancient ritual of purification before lent.

Carnival Acireale

Acireale – Catania

From 26 January to 5 February

Carnival Acireale – one of the most popular in Sicily. He goes on keeping the memory of the Baroque era, the streets of the historic center of the city, leading to the magnificent Piazza Duomo. Happy noisy crowd floods the streets, passing carnival allegorical carts, and everyone actively participates in the overall festival, picked up by universal wave irrepressible fun.

Carnival Acireale, twinned with the Carnival of Viareggio. This year once again will compete in skill carnival workshops brothers Parlato and Coco/Scalia.

Program Prazdny promises to be rich and diverse.

Carnival Of Mamoiada

Carnival of Mamoiada – one of the oldest folk festivals in Sardinia. Carnival is a wonderful occasion for the residents of this town to get together in the Central square to dance to traditional music and enjoy a festive procession Mamuthones and Issohadores – traditional Sardinian masks. Mask “Juvanne Martis Sero” symbolizes the end of the carnival. Tuesday (Martedi Gras) this doll is wheeling in a small cart on the streets of the town. The truck taking the men mourning the death of Juvanne Martis Sero and heartbreaking acting compassionately chants. At the end of the ritual in the square and on the streets of the town all the participants were treated to local dishes.

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