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Malta is so tiny country, on the territory of Kyiv could fit almost 3 of these, but, despite the size and the landscapes that may seem deserted, it attracts tourists powerful medieval fortress, modest, but clean and cozy beaches, ancient temples and dungeons. In addition, near the coast of Malta is much popular among divers places, because the sea there fantastically transparent and blue.

When to go

Malta’s climate is Mediterranean, which means that winters are mild and summers hot and dry. However, thanks to the sea winds, and the narrow streets of the towns and villages, the heat is quite tolerable. Despite the fact that the average winter temperature is +14, and in summer +26, it is possible to travel to Malta at any time. The only thing you have to know the most hot season lasts from July to September.

Features visa

To obtain a visa to come to the Embassy personally. The process of obtaining visas to Malta can accelerate the possession of a Schengen visa in the last 12 months or current visa in USA.

When making a tour to Malta through a travel Agency, the visa is issued upon entry. The immigration office of Malta is directed immigration application form, after consideration of which gives a confirmation of visa.

On a trip you need to take a photo. If you get a visa on arrival, you should submit the documents to the Embassy of Malta to obtain the registration number and pay the stamp duty.

Documents for visa to Malta:

– Passport;

– Completed questionnaire of the established sample;

– 2 photos 3×4;

– Confirmation of tickets;

– Confirmation of the booking the hotel room;

Original invitation of the receiving party;

– Children 18 years and provide a copy of the notarized permission to travel from their parents;

– Original and copy of medical insurance valid for the duration of the trip in Malta and Schengen. The amount of coverage shall be not less than 30 000 euros, the list of services in addition to medical should also include the possible repatriation of the remains to their homeland.

Documents for minors:

– Copy of a notarized power of attorney for removal of the child from the parent who is not traveling. If the child will be accompanied by a third party, a copy of a power of attorney is mandatory (you must have the original).

Documents for students:

– Certificate of student status (+ translation);

– Copy of student card;

– Letter of sponsorship from relatives, paid a visit, a certificate from the employer indicating position and salary, as well as a copy of the passport page with personal details of the sponsor (+ translation).

The importation of foreign currency is unlimited, but the Declaration of the quantity required.

In Malta there is no Ukrainian Embassy – it’s the same for Italy, Malta and San Marino and is located in Rome.

National cuisine

Maltese cuisine is similar to Italian: here love macaroni and cheese, sauces with Basil and garlic, grilled fish, stewed in a pot of vegetables. Glavnoe Maltese dish called fenek – rabbit braised in red wine with vegetables, served with steamed potatoes, carrots, garlic and tomatoes. Another local dish is the Maltese pies with ricotta cheese and green peas and pies with dates. It will be interesting to try bragioli (Bragioli) – beef rolls, garlic and boiled eggs, soup of gbana , brewed on the basis of goat and sheep cheese. Among the desserts you can try halva dad-TORK (candied almonds) and cannoli – crispy wafer rolls stuffed with ricotta cheese. Well, the most exotic Maltese dish, of course, spaghetti sauce, ink of an octopus.

It is interesting that in Malta there is no such thing as in yesterday’s bread, at the end of the day all the bread that has not been sold, is being recycled.

Fenek. Photo from Flickr (by Chez Basilic )

In Malta, as in other Mediterranean European countries have wine of its own production. In almost every supermarket you can find a separate shelf with local wines, and in cafes and restaurants you can enjoy draught “homemade” wine. It is not necessary, however, to buy the cheapest wine, and wine in paper bags.

Interestingly, the wine in Malta did in the beginning of our era, and later the knights brought the technology of production of this noble drink almost to sovershenstva and even Church Ministers on the Islands of the Maltese archipelago are not shy wine. This is evidenced, napriklad, the fact that the island of Gozo has a bar where you can SIP wines made from the vineyards of the local Bishop, or as the locals call it, Bishop’s wine.

Maltese are easy to learn, they are short, dark and somehow elusive alike. Maltese accent of the English language is so unusual that it is sometimes difficult to decipher what you’re trying to say, but due to the fact that Malta was under British protectorate from 1800 to 1979, English here know everything.

The Maltese live in clans, almost all the indigenous population of the island, members of several of the largest ancient birth.

Interestingly, the foreigner (me) citizenship may obtain the citizenship of Malta only in the case of marriage with a citizen of this small country.

The Maltese do not like when they are compared to the Arabs.

The Maltese believe that the ship St. Paul crashed off the coast and can get angry when someone doubts it.

98% of Maltese Catholics, Church marriage blessing here and definitely almost no divorces.

On Maltese beaches officially banned nudism and sunbathing Topless for women, and when visiting local temples (there are over 300!) It is better to refrain from shorts and uncovered shoulders.

There are also some absolutely amazing things. For example, to buy a TV in Malta, you must obtain a license is quite expensive.

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