“Amur autumn”

Amur actors, Directors and journalists appeal to the organizing Committee of the festival of cinema and theatre «the Amur autumn” to cancel or postpone the event for next year. They are trying to convince Moscow filmmakers that “on flooded Amur land holiday like never inappropriate”. The Union of cinematographers of Russia and Moscow artists, in turn, write open letter response: to hold the festival it is necessary to give moral support to people. According to recent reports, “the Amur autumn” will still begin as scheduled from 14 to 22 September.

The feast during the plague?

Be the first to cancel the festival asked the Amur journalist Sergey Logvinov, member of the organizing Committee, which annually takes on ‘the Amur autumn” of their original programs and “diaries”.

«I was even scared to imagine what eyes this merriment and jubilation will watch thousands of amercan, which will dry to wet roofs of the house, to buy it is unclear what new possessions for their families”, ” Logvinov wrote in a letter to the Governor of the region Oleg Kozhemyako.

He was supported by actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya and journalist Matvei Ganapolsky.

– If I stood in the water, if I had one, I would say one simple word: it is greased. If to speak more quietly, the festival now seems to me inappropriate, and offensive — explained his position Ganapolsky on the air local broadcast radio «Ekho Moskvy».

Openly oppose and local journalists, including correspondents and leading “alpha” — annual television festival information.

«If you’re only going to buy a ticket for “the Amur autumn” — think. Maybe best to transfer this money to help the flood victims?” — wrote in microblog leading Anna Pronenko. Other Internet users willingly of retweeted.

Question, to hold or not to hold a “Autumn”, discussed at meetings of the organizing Committee in Moscow and Blagoveshchensk. In the end, decided the festival to be, the timing is not disturbed. The red carpet along with the actors will be the residents and the head of the flooded areas. 10% of revenue, the organizers will give to the victims. In flooded towns and villages performances and film screenings will show for free. The festival will not use funds from the budget of the Amur region, and flights and accommodation for the artists will be paid for by a grant of the Federal Ministry of culture — is 6 million rubles.

Conduct cannot be undone

In response to the protests of the Union of cinematographers of Russia and the organizing Committee of the festival, too, has written to the Governor of the Amur appeal, stating that the organizers want to raise the spirits of area residents in a difficult moment. In the example, are mobile military concerts that are “not giving the people to despair” even while fighting on the front line. A petition signed by 26 artists, including Nikita Mikhalkov, Inna Makarova, Andrei Sokolov, Alexei Petrenko, Aristarkh Livanov, Natalya Varley, Irina Miroshnichenko, Vika Tsyganova and others.

– the Performances must be carried out, must go, the people in trouble do not throw, — said in an interview «Russian planet” producer Vadim Tsyganov . husband of singer Vika Tsiganova. — How to do it from a commercial point of view — the second question. You can think of different options. But conduct and moral support to the people should definitely.

“Different options” — this, for example, charity concerts. Some artists have decided, in addition to the festival, to help the Amur region independently. In a press-service of Vika Tsiganova told us that the singer (who, incidentally, was born in Khabarovsk and studied in Vladivostok) is going to fall on tours of the Far East. In her program and will be charity performance to benefit victims. Money from their solo concerts in Moscow is going to transfer to the far East and actress Valeria Lanskaya. We confirmed this by its representatives.

And 29 August evening in support of residents of the Amur region was held in Moscow cinema House. All proceeds — 200 thousand rubles — are going to send in bedstuy the region.

The President of festival Sergey Novozhilov told reporters that he himself this year will be to work in the Amur region free. In his words, to move the festival is very difficult, because to cook it even started since November last year. And if one time to cancel everything and to violate the agreement, “Autumn” may even cease to exist.

“There are plenty of examples around the festival movement, when the festivals so bent”, ” said Novozhilov and explained: in one year the event was cancelled, and the next none of the actors came. In addition, says Sergey, allocated grant money to give to victims not at all desire: a grant from target and it can either be spent on the festival, or to return.

The press service of the Union of cinematographers of Russia provided “Russian planet” decrypt movies: actors support the residents of the Amur region.

“If I could, I’d dragged himself there these bags with sand, in General, would participate directly, ” says actor Alexei Petrenko. — Maybe at a charity concert at the House of cinema we somehow helped. Let them know what we think about them, are experiencing and we will try what we can do to help”.

“the Festival will lose face”

But opponents of the festival, these arguments are not convincing. Journalist Sergey Logvinov still opposed to the event, even though it will be partly charitable.

” Ten percent — this is not a real charity, it’s a handout! — he resents in conversation with a reporter «Russian planet”. — the Actors will still receive royalties for performances that will be to feed at the expense of the Amur region. Will spend money for gas on trips to the villages, although it was possible for these funds to help people. We are a 10 years, from the first festival, created his face — and now in one day lose him. I will hurt to look at it. Probably at the time “the Amur autumn” I’m leaving town.

Meanwhile, tickets for performances in Blagoveshchensk already sell. They cost from 1 000 to 3 000. As we reported in the box office, now there is the entire price range. Although last year, for example, at the premiere of “Mata Hari. Love and espionage,” Dmitry Haratyan and Larisa Dolina willing to pay 3500 rubles and took place in a matter of days.

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